Monday, September 27, 2021
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Nagas don’t study their own shortcomings: Yollow Konyak

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KOHIMA, FEBRUARY 19: “Nagas don’t study their own shortcomings. …the belief that everything will be alright after a solution has been going on for too long,” stated MLA, YM Yollow Konyak during the general discussion on the budget presented by the Chief Minister for the year 2021-22 on Friday.

He also lamented that underground factions in Nagaland have a way of breaking up and giving rise to more and more factions. “If we look at it very carefully, the fault is not theirs alone, the fault has been there right from the start,” he said.
To buttress his assertion, Konyak pointed out that Naga freedom fighter AZ Phizo left for the democratic country of London “and after some time one group went to the socialist country of China.”
Nagas have to understand that the ideology of a democratic country and a socialist country is different because it is futile to expect things to fall in line when two different ideologies clash and for which Nagas are paying the price for it, he stated.
Konyak also claimed that not only the underground factions but overground politicians also indulge in divisive tactics, and called upon all to realize the mistake.
Stating that after many years of bloodsheds and violence, Nagas have tentative peace in the form of ceasefire, Konyak implored the people of Nagaland to use the opportunity to come together cutting across party lines, shedding tribal affiliations and ignoring factional differences and work towards leading the future Naga generation to an amicable settlement.
He also harped on the biased nature of the State Government when it comes to developmental activities, especially concerning road connectivity.
Konyak said there was jubilant celebration in Nagaland when Rs 4000 crores were sanctioned for development of roads. “However, when one looks from a geographical perspective, all the developmental works are concentrated only in certain places while ignoring the rest of Nagaland,” he alleged.

Accepting the constant utterance by the State Chief Minister in many assembly sessions that “Road is the face of the place”, Konyak said it is time the CM also “washes the face of not only the region within his constituency” but also the remaining place of Nagaland since they are also under his care. (Page News Service)