Nagas cannot surrender their rights and history: Muivah

Nagas cannot surrender their rights and history: Muivah

Dimapur, March 21: General Secretary of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim, Th Muivah on Thursday said that there are contradicting ideas present in the ongoing negotiations between the Government of India and NSCN (IM) on the issues of having a separate Constitution for the Nagas called “Yehzabo” and a separate flag.
He said Government of India has been told, despite its disagreement, that for the difficulty of India, Nagas cannot surrender their rights and history and the flag is the covenant between “Jehovah and the Nagas.”
Speaking on the 40th Republic day celebration of GPRN here at CHQ Hebron, Muivah said that it has been made clear to the Government of India that if the terms are not agreed upon, there is no way out.
Stressing on the Naga talks that has advanced so far, Muivah said that everything has been sorted out except for two things-the Naga Flag and the Constitution. “These are the two things remaining. There is no other way. It is pure and simple…This is Nagas’ right,” he told the gathering.
He also explained that the Nagas cannot repeat the Shillong Accord or accept the Indian Constitution, but only take what is their right.
Accusing Nagas of being on a self destruction mode, he said that it is madness on the part of people like SC Jamir to dismiss Naga integration on the basis of 16-Point Agreement and added that people are behaving keeping in mind their own interest and not thinking about the interest of the Nagas and it is causing India to take advantage of it.
Pointing that Nagas’ history is unique, he said that the solution will also be unique.
In the beginning of his speech he said that while the world was being created, God had given Nagas their own share of land and if Nagas fail to recognize that then they are lost people, but if they do realize this then they can be the strongest of people and they must keep it safe and not let others steal it away.
“The problem is with us,” he said and accused that Nagas are not valuing the grace of God and if it is so than how can God trust Nagas again.
Previously, in the presidential address, Q. Tuccu had said the “Framework Agreement” is the foundation, based on which a new relationship between the two entities will be established that both the parties are committed to abide by this “Agreement.”
He said that the so called 16 Point Agreements and the 1975 Shillong Accord are threats to the existence and future of the Nagas and until an honourable negotiated political settlement is agreed upon based on the 3rd August, 2015 Frame Work Agreement, nothing is final on the Naga issues.
“Our leaders in the past declared that Nagalim will be for the Nagas and Nagalim shall be for Christ. Our national movement is based on these two core foundations and we are guided by these principles and they have brought the Nagas thus far,” he said.
Tuccu further called upon the Naga people, civil society organizations, tribe organizations, churches, prayer groups and others for their commitment and contribution.
“We are also ready to understand together with our neighbours and prepared to take a realistic approach respecting each other history,” he said.
During the celebration, representatives from Naga Hoho, ENPO, NPMHR, NSF, NWU, NJCF and UNTBA also addressed the gathering. (Page News Service)