Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Nagas cannot afford to stay idle in today’s age: Alemtemshi


Kohima, March 15: Former chief secretary of Nagaland, Alemtemshi Jamir IAS (Rtd) has opined that in today’s age of acceleration Nagas cannot stay idle but will have to participate and grow along with the pace.
“In the age of acceleration we cannot stay idle, we have to participate and grow along with it or we will be nowhere,” he said while speaking at the Directorate of Information & Public Relations officers’ conference on Friday.
Jamir said Nagas have to change and move forward as we are now living in the age of acceleration. He therefore opined that Nagas should start paying tax and start having ownership in the roads and development.
According to him, taxation will help the Government or people to judge whether a person has wealth disproportionate to his/her income.
Deliberating on the topic ‘Government media in the age of Acceleration,’ Alemtemshi said that the age of acceleration is here to stay and therefore we have to think on how to cope with it. Also stressing on the importance of connectivity he said that everything that is happening globally is also affecting us here in Nagaland.
In this age where things are changing fast, we cannot just sit and listen but we should act, he said.
Stating that social media has a great power and potential of mobilizing opinion but is not capable of sustaining or arriving at a consensus, he said that finding a solution on how to control the social media and to see that it does not go out of control is another role the department has a part to play. He stated that one cannot be just mute spectators but we have to be alert and start working in disseminating information about important issues that is affecting our society.
He added that media should be ahead, thinking and producing and Government media has a big role to play.
Commissioner & Secretary, IPR, V. Maria Yanthan reminded the officers that they are the mouth piece of the Government and has to play an important role in disseminating information to the people especially at the grassroots level. She congratulated the department on the naga news app as many rely on the app for news and information.
Speaking about the vision of IPR, APRO Atuzo mentioned that the department should disseminate information by dwelling more into social media through sites like Twitter and Instagram etc. He stressed on the role the department can play in visual media because of the importance that films and videos have in the society especially among the youths.
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