Nagas at crucial juncture of political history: Rio

Nagas at crucial juncture of  political history: Rio

Kohima, February 10: Nagaland Chief Minister today said that with the negotiations on Naga political issue between the Government of India and the Naga groups concluding on a positive note on October 31, 2019, “Nagas are at a crucial juncture in our history”.
Replying to the debate on motion of thanks to the Governor’s address delivered on the first day of the ongoing Budget session on January 17 last, Rio iterated that with the positive conclusion of the talks, “It is our hope that divine wisdom prevails and guides the negotiating parties as the modalities and competencies are worked out in due course of time”.
In this the Chief Minister again appealed to all the other groups to join the peace process in the interest of the Naga people.
“We have to be united, irrespective of tribe or community or political party affiliation. We have to transcend all boundaries that bind us within our individual comfort zones,” Rio said.
On the allegations of Governor R N Ravi making a confusing statement through his address on January 17 last, Rio clarified it is clear that the negotiations have concluded on a positive note.
“Negotiations had been going on for the last 22 years and the talks had to be concluded so that an agreement can come about,” he said adding that no pact can be signed unless the points of contention are hammered out between the parties involved.
“Nowhere has it been mentioned that the peace process has concluded. Only the talks have concluded on a positive note which signifies that the negotiating parties have arrived at meeting points on the various topics of the negotiations,” he clarified. stating that the details are known only to the negotiating parties, he said “they have wound up the talks and are now working out the competencies to ink a solution to the Naga issue”.
CAA: On the demand of opposition NPF to reject Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, the Chief Minister said despite the privileges of the protections Nagas enjoy under Article 371 (A) of the Constitution and Inner Line Permit (ILP) under Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR) 1873, the State Government opposed
CAA as a sign of solidarity towards our neighboring states.
However, he said “we put on record our stand that Nagaland is protected”.
The collective efforts of all sections made the Government of India take notice and the Union Home Minister with all States of the Northeast carried out consultative meetings, and subsequently the Act, which is now law, has exempted the States covered by the ILP regime under BEFR 1873 and Tribal Areas under the 6th Schedule of the Constitution, he said.
Rio went on to state that the fallacy of the opposition NPF can be seen in the fact that the NPF party had suspended Rajya Sabha MP representing Nagaland who is from the NPF party for voting in favour of the CAB 2019.
Whereas, he said, the MP Lok Sabha from neighbouring State Manipur who is also from the NPF and who also voted in favour of the CAB 2019 has not been suspended.
“When a political party can apply different yardsticks against its members on the same issue, then such party cannot be taken seriously as they are not consistent in their stand and also amongst themselves,” he said.
Further, Rio while accusing that the Opposition NPF are even opposing the Constitutional and legal safeguards (Article 371(A) and ILP) as they are always in the habit of opposing everything, asked whether the Opposition has any alternative protections or not against CAA?
“They say that Article 371(A) and ILP cannot protect us. Then what is their proposition? Can they propose any protective mechanism as an alternative to what we have?” the CM questioned, adding “We wish that sometimes they would also propose and not only oppose”.
Pig from UK to upgrade breeding
The Chief Minister also elaborated the Governor’s address on the Government endeavours to enhance pork productivity in the State for self-sufficiency saying the total consumption of pork in the State is approximately 23.58 thousand tonnes while the outside supply of pork into the State is approximately 19.22 thousand tonnes.
In order to move towards self-sufficiency, the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services (AH&VS) has initiated procurement of 24 Pure Breed Hampshire Pig from the United Kingdom to upgrade breeding stocks in the State.
This is being initiated under the National Livestock Mission – Piggery Development in NER. Payment has been made to the Nodal State i.e., Government of Mizoram and the consignment is awaited.
He said a boar station has been set up at Medziphema to provide Artificial Insemination of superior germplasm to improve the production of pigs through the assistance of the Government of India under the National Livestock Mission.
At present, training of boars for semen collection is in progress to enable Artificial Insemination in pigs at the farmers’ level, he said.
FPS: On the function of 1621 Fair Price Shops, including 1323 in rural and 298 urban areas, Rio said in rural areas, the village councils are entrusted with the responsibility.
He informed that GPS mapping has been completed in all the FPS and food grains are allocated 100% online up to FPS level with effect from March 2019.
The allocation of foodgrains are done basing on the number of ration cards /beneficiaries and therefore, the question of insufficient foodgrains does not arise, he said.
Following the Government’s response Speaker Sharingain Longkumer asked the Opposition leader to withdraw the amendments to the Motion of Thanks to the Governor’s address, but T R Zeliang rejected it.
Subsequently the motion was adopted by voice vote after which Speaker announced adjournment of the House till 9:30 am on Thursday. (Page News Service)