Monday, July 26, 2021
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Nagas are opposed to forced union with India: NSCN (IM)


Dimapur, October 19: The NSCN (IM) has stated that Nagas are strongly opposed to forced union with India. It said forced union will certainly breed fighting and killing.
“…the Nagas are strongly opposed to forced Union. We are aware that forced Union will certainly breed fighting and killing within the box,” said NSCN (IM), Q Tuccu in a message to Naga people on the position of political talks between the Government of India (GoI) and the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN).
Clarifying the position of the Indo-Naga talks to all, Tuccu said by virtue to the Framework Agreement, Nagas will coexist with the Union of India as two entities. “At no point of time, the Nagas have agreed to live within the Union of India,” he stated.
Insisting that the Government of India has recognized the sovereignty of the Nagas, the NSCN (IM) reiterated that the two people will live together on the basis of the principle of co-existence of the two entities with shared-sovereignty. “Two entities means two people. The term coexistence naturally applies to two entities or more. If the Nagas are to merge with the union of India, then the Nagas and Indians will become one entity, and that the question of two entities does not arise.”
The NSCN (IM) admitted that after coming so close to the point of conclusion, the peace talk is facing hurdles on the issues of Naga flag and constitution. “The Indian authorities who deal with the talks are also well informed that the Indo-Naga political solution without Naga flag and constitution is not conclusive and that will create a room for future headache. We are looking for a lasting solution.”
At the same time, Tuccu also accused GoI of creating fear psychosis in ‘Nagalim’ by deploying thousands of armed forces personnel. “We do not see war situation here,” he said, adding if GoI chooses military option to dictating the negotiating team that will not be the end of the matter.
“The Nagas are always for a negotiated settlement based on the doctrine of mutual consent and recognition of rights. I believe the present Indian leadership will not commit the mistake of their past leaders,” he said.
Stating that now is the time for Nagas to assemble, Tuccus said, “We are one by blood, by history, by culture, by faith, by politics and above all, we are the Lord’s people.”
“…We are now entering a new era where together we will build a land of peace and progress; together we face the common dangers, together we work and live for a common cause.” (Full Text) News Service)