Friday, April 23, 2021
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Nagas are indigenous in their homeland: ENNWF


Dimapur, July 31: The Eastern Naga National Workers Forum (ENNWF) has taken exception to the statement of Working Committee of NNPGs on Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) where it had stated that “any person(s) living in Nagaland including those Nagas from outside the present Nagaland state who came after the 1st December, 1963 shall not be entitled indigenous status’ as a distortion of Naga history.”
The ENNWF said all Nagas are one and there is no black Nagas or white Nagas. “We Nagas are living in a compact area of our own ancestral domains called Nagalim. And that we are for all Nagas, and for all Naga territories,” it said.
It said the terms Nagaland Nagas, Assam Nagas, Manipur Nagas, Arunachal Nagas and Burma Nagas are derogative languages of the colonial powers.
Stating that all Nagas without exception are indigenous in their homeland, the ENNWF said indigenousness of a Naga should be traced from a common history, common bloodline, common culture, common territory and common identity. It is a natural entity and it can never be traced from the 16-point agreement or any political accord, it added.
It also said all Nagas are equal partners in the national resistance movement and the Eastern Nagas are no exception.
“We have suffered horrible persecutions and oppressions in the hands of the enemies for defending every inch of Naga territories. Speaking from the perspective of their statement, NNPG leaders have taken different route. They have forgotten how people in the east fed them with the fattest animals and how we sheltered them from dangers for decades. They made eastern people beasts of burden on their account,” the ENNWF said in a rejoinder.
“But now, are we to be treated as outsiders or foreigners in the Nagaland state? Is this the freedom you teach us? Is this the price of freedom we have paid for?” it asked.
The Forum further said no deceptive language will dampen the spirit of oneness of the Nagas and no force can separate them from one Naga family under one political umbrella. (Page News Service)