Monday, February 26, 2024

Nagamese Music Video ‘Twi by TS Geneses’ released


Most anticipated Nagamese Music Video “Twi by TS Geneses’ is out now. ‘Twi’ which in Nagamese means “You” is an original song by TS Geneses a Kohima based rapper currently managed by Naga Twist Productions. It is inspired by the works of the legendary singer “Methaneilie Jutakhrie” who is well known for his musical prowess of belting out a catalogue of smash hits throughout his career.
The song covers topic ranging from love and affection to inability of not being able to be with someone whom you consider as your own.
Hriiyio Paul, who is currently managing the artist, said, “I have been in love with the song and its energy to reflect emotions ever since we heard the demo and so we decided to execute the project steadfastly. TS Geneses have a lot of potential as an artist and I hope the audience do justice and boost his moral to work towards his musical goal with renewed believe.” The link for the music video is :