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Nagaland woman beaten, clothes ripped in Gujarat

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 27: A video clip showing a man assaulting a woman from Nagaland, dragging her by the hair and ripping off her clothes in front of a spa on Sindhu Bhavan Road in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has gone viral, reported The Times of India on Thursday.
“Senior police officers said they have verified the contents of the video, which appears to have taken place outside a spa on the third floor of the Times Square commercial complex. The officers say an investigation is underway”, the report stated.
Citing police sources, it stated that the first part of the 4-minute video shows a man of about 30 and a woman from Nagaland, who is about 25 years old and works there as masseuse, having a heated argument.
“The man is then seen pushing the woman away, who also confronts him in self-defence. They two struggle, and the man is seen pulling her kurta apart, menacing her and hitting her. The man beating the woman is then approached by another man and a third man is seen standing nearby.
“The assailant then calls another man, who tries to take the two inside the spa. All the while, the first man is seen constantly hitting the woman. The video then shows the first man dragging the woman by her hair, slapping her multiple times and slamming her into the parapet wall. He then grabs her hair so she can’t get away, rips off her kurta and pushes her to the ground. He continues to punch and kick her brutally”, the report read.
When she tries to run away, it added, she is pulled back by her hair and dragged to the spa.
“At this time, the third man is seen coolly operating his phone. The woman was beaten so badly that she was unable to stand or walk properly.
“Inspector Abhishek Dhawan of Bodakdev police said the persons seen in the video have not been identified and an inquiry into the matter is still underway”, it stated.
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