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Nagaland was & shall ever remain an integral part of India: Governor

R N Ravi

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 14: Nagaland Governor RN Ravi today made it clear that Nagaland shall remain an integral part of India.
In his message to the people of Nagaland on the eve of India’s 75th Independence Day, the Governor, in a departure from past precedence, did not even once mention the Indo-Naga political issue, or the Naga political groups in his Independence Day message.

But Ravi, who is also the Government of India’s Interlocutor to the Naga political talks, was clear in his assertion that Nagaland shall remain an integral part of India.
“Nagaland has been and shall ever remain an integral part of India”, he stated.
Rather, Ravi called upon the people of Nagaland to break “the colonial miasma” and march in step with the rest of the country in the journey of shared prosperity.
“Friends, a bright and beautiful dawn is beckoning at the horizon. We must welcome it with our unwavering commitment to the rule of law, hard work, truth, transparency and justice”, he said.
Stating that in the unfolding epochal story of India’s resurgence, Nagaland cannot be left behind, the Governor said that in order to make a glorious Nagaland “we must prioritise developing our most precious human resource which unfortunately has suffered a relative decline in recent decades.”
To the youths of Nagaland, he said, “Your march into the future has to keep pace with the change around and it cannot be by looking into the rear-view mirror. Maintaining strong emotional and cultural bonds with your custom, tradition and identity and overcoming the narcissism of minor differences, you have to race ahead keeping pace with time, technology and contemporary realities.”
On the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor acknowledged that Nagaland is better prepared today to meet the challenges. He, however, expressed concern over the vaccine hesitancy by some section of the people.

“Friends, it is scientifically established that, as of now, vaccine is the only safeguard against severity of COVID-19. It has been amply proven that a vaccinated person is less likely to be infected and even if infected much less likely to need hospitalization. Mortality among vaccinated COVID patients is negligible”, he said, while urging all to shed vaccine hesitancy and come forward for vaccination.
“…the global pandemic has created a mood of despair. However, we cannot let it dampen our spirit. We have to defeat it and march ahead”, he added. (Full Text)
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