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Nagaland Taekwondo team wins 18 medals at nat’l championship

Nagaland Taekwondo team

Kohima, July 4: Nagaland Taekwondo team won 18 medals (8 Gold, 6 Silver and 4 Bronze medals) in the Open India Kukkiwon Dispatched Master Championship organised by Titabor Dojang Taekwondo Academy which ended on July 3rd evening at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Jorhat, Assam.
While the team also finished 3rd place in overall group champs with Delhi and Assam ahead of the Nagaland team.
Interestingly twin brothers, Shiuthong and Shiusuthong secured gold medals for under 22 kg & 24 kg in Pee Wee category (U-8). While 6 year old Alimthong the youngest participant from Nagaland ended up with silver medal for 16 kg in pee Wee category (U-8). A total of 20 players from Sports Academy, IG Stadium, Kohima took part in the competition led by Visabiu Peseyie, state taekwondo coach and Khrieto as manager.
Coach Visabiu Peseyie, expressing his happiness, suggested that the talented players need special training and competition in international arena from time to time in order to become a professional player.
He also acknowledged the department of Youth Resources and Sports for giving him to opportunity to let his players compete with others, outside the state.
While expressing his satisfaction for teaching some of the newly scout players who were recently scouted for Taekwondo discipline and showed promising signs in the tournament, he said last year, the department (YRS) had assigned him to scout talents in certain villages and he picked up seven talented young players (all under ten years boys) for Sports Academy IG Stadium, Kohima. Among the seven players, two won gold and one secured silver medal, he mentioned.
The coach also announced that five Naga Taekwondo boys namely Heutingyi Zeliang, Boto Chophy, Teklung Phom, Yentsuthung Tikhir and Neikhozo Naprantsu have been inducted into Army Boys Sports Company, Ranikhet.
Final results of the Kukkiwon cup, Jorhat, Assam from July 1 to 3.
Pee Wee category (under 8 years)
1. Shiusuthong – under 22 kg : Gold medal
2. Shiuthong- under 24 kg : Gold medal
3.Alimthong – under 16 kg : Silver medal
Sub- Junior category (under- 11 years)
1. Pauninglungbe Ndang – under 29 kg : Gold medal
2. Athongti – under 32 kg : Silver medal
3. Pauziechangbe Herie -under 25 kg Bronze medal
Cadet category ( under-14 years)
1. Lensethong Tikhir – under under 33 kg : Gold medal
2. Manong Konyak – under 37 kg : Gold medal
3. Longkhan Phom – under 49 kg : Gold medal
4. Thongti Thonger – under 45 kg : Bronze medal
Junior category (under-17 years)
1. T. Kiutsu – under55 kg : Gold medal
2. Epithung Tungoe – under 45 kg : Silver medal
3. K. Yimkiumong – under 51 kg : Silver medal
4. Wangan Phom- under 48 kg : Bronze medal
Senior category ( above 17 years)
1. Keneilevo Nagi- under 80 kg : Gold medal
2. Repinkiu Tikhir – under 54 kg : Silver medal
3. Zakieneikho Peseyie – under 74 kg : Silver medal
4. Vilabizo Nagi : under 63 kg : Bronze medal
Total 8 Gold, 6 Silver and 4 Bronze medals.
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