Nagaland should reject Citizenship Bill: Therie

Nagaland should reject  Citizenship Bill: Therie

Dimapur, June 26: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has commented that supporting the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 without deliberation in the State Assembly will be a serious breach of confidence of the people.
In a statement, NPCC president K Therie said, “In my personal view, the Nagaland State Assembly should reject the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill of 2016. The Bill is discriminatory in nature. It discriminates the Muslim religion. It also discriminates other neighbouring nations. India cannot afford to isolate itself and Nagaland cannot afford to be a part of such a discriminatory Bill.”
Therie said he is commenting on the issue because “I consider the matter as serious, which will harm the society and nation for time to come.”
The NPCC president said the Citizenship Bill will only worsen “the splintering of the nation on the lines of religion. The hidden agenda in the bill is to favour Hindutva. It will be become a permanent stain on society.”
“We are a secular society; more so, we are a Christian society and cannot be a party to discrimination. Supporting such a Bill will reflect Nagaland as unbecoming of a secular as well as a Christian society. ”
“ILP functions in the manner of passport. It is a renewable, temporary permit. It has no relation with Citizenship Bill. It does not give a person any right to become a citizen. Rather, GON Office Memorandum (OM) of 1976 in respect of Indigenous Inhabitants is relevant in the case of Nagaland. The said OM is in line with the provisions of Art 371(A). This is what our ancestors and founding fathers of the State had achieved to safeguard Naga-land,” he said, while appealing to the MLAs in the State to consider the Bill seriously. (Page News Service)