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Nagaland placed 4th from bottom in India’s digital economy report

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DIMAPUR, APRIL 14: Nagaland was ranked 11th among 14 Union Territories and smaller States (population less than 1 crore) in the State of India’s Digital Economy (SIDE) Report 2024 published by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER).
Only Manipur, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh ~ in descending order ~ were placed below Nagaland in the small States and UTs category. Nagaland’s score was 37.6; in comparison, the top-placed Delhi scored 64.6.
Among the large States, Karnataka topped the list with a score of 58.7. “Richer States and UTs on average are more digitalised. As is the global trend, richer States and Union Territories (UTs) in India have relatively higher levels of digitalisation. The top 5 States according to the CHIP score ~ Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujarat and Haryana ~ are also amongst the richer States in India.
“Among UTs and smaller States (population less than 1 crore) as well, Delhi and Chandigarh rank as the top 2 and have the highest per capita incomes”, the report stated.
According to the ICRIER, the SIDE report presents a new approach to measure digitalisation. “This approach is better suited for developing countries like India for 3 reasons. First, it proposes a much wider definition of digitalisation through its Connect-Harness-Innovate-Protect-Sustain (CHIPS) framework, capturing both the opportunities and risks created by digitalisation.
“Second, unlike global indices that focus entirely on the average user, SIDE 2024 recognises the scale of the network and depth of use of technology at the economy-wide level by proposing 2 separate indices ~ CHIPS (Economy) and CHIPS (User). Finally, while most global indices focus on both outcomes and inputs (enablers) of digitalization ~ thus penalising developing countries twice, once for a low score on outcome and then again for a low score on inputs ~ CHIPS is almost entirely estimated using outcome indicators”, it explained.
Also, the SIDE report found out that its ranking of Ranking of States and UTs compares well with ranking of other State-level indices. “The States Start-up Ranking 2023 reports Karnataka and Gujarat among the top 5 States, overlapping with the frontrunners in the CHIP (sub-national) ranking.
“Among the 7 States in the top performers’ category for Ease of Doing Business rankings reported in 2022 ~ 5 of them, namely Gujarat, Telangana, Haryana, Kerala and Tamil Nadu ~ are also among the top 7 in the CHIP ranking”, it reported.
In addition, the India Innovation Index (2021) ranked Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh as the top 5 major States, 3 of which overlap with CHIP. “While the predominant reason for common results in ranking could be the levels of income, the indices also overlap in the selection of indicators. As we move along to the sub-pillar level, we find that income alone does not explain the differences in the level of digitalisation.
“No single State dominates the ranking table at the sub-pillar level. Top performer positions (top 5) are shared by 9 different States. Chhattisgarh, which is the 12th richest State by per capita income among the larger States, also holds the top position in 2 sub-pillars, namely inclusion (gender) and public services (general)”, it stated.
In 2022, Chhattisgarh won the golden award for innovation in e-governance, implemented through e-Shramik Seva. It has also won other awards for tele-practices in education. Similarly, other relatively poorer States like Madhya Pradesh and Odisha featured in the top 5 for public services where e-government services are improving steadily.
“For the smaller category States, Delhi holds the top rank in 7 out of 14 indicators, while the remaining positions are taken up by other UTs and smaller States. Among the Northeastern States, Mizoram fares well across a series of indicators and Tripura leads in providing digital public services”, the report stated.
Also, it reported that India ranks as the 3rd largest digitalised country in the world, behind only the US and China, when compared by the aggregate level of digitalisation.
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