Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Nagaland officials to learn organic farming in Uttarakhand


Nainital, September 20: Eleven government officials of Nagaland’s department of land resources have come to Nainital to participate in a week-long workshop on Permaculture Design Course, where they will learn the techniques and methodology of organic farming and permaculture.
“Officials of our department are here to attend this workshop so that we can promote permaculture and organic farming in Nagaland. After getting the training from here, our officials will share the knowledge with the local people through workshops at various levels in Nagaland,” said, Iseheo Chishi, district project officer, department of land resources.
“Some of the participants are from the UK and USA, as well. Environmental concerns are the primary discourse around the world today. Every sensitive person is considering ways to avoid the upcoming terrible challenges from the environment.
Permaculture is a very important concept which encourages using the nature responsibly and sustainably,” he added.
The workshop is being hosted by The Himalayan Farming Project, an institute created to teach and promote organic farming and permaculture in the Himalayas. Training will be given by Romania origin permaculture educator and specialist, Claudiu Oprea and Aditi Veena from Goa, India.
“Every permaculturist has his or her own definition of what permaculture is. For me, it’s about designing the human ecosystem and our land according to ecological principles. We need to learn how to function this world, much like a forest. I take forest as a model and teacher. Unlike us humans, forests do not produce any waste which harms nature at the end,” said Oprea.
“I am working as a permaculture educator for the past nine years. After spending many years in Romania and UK, nowadays I am trying to propagate an incredible permaculture design which has helped me transform my life and vision,” he added.
The Himalayan farm is a 7-km-trek from Dogaon in Nainital and is jointly managed by a couple, Vlatka Klanj?i? from Croatia originand Pankaj Rawat from Uttarakhand. “The Himalayan farm is like a school where people can voluntarily come from around the world to live, learn or teach nature-friendly sustainable lifestyle and organic farming,” said Pankaj Rawat, comanager, The Himalayan Farm Project told TOI. (TNN)