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Nagaland observes International Mother Language Day 2024

Mother Language

Dimapur, February 21: Nagaland University marked International Mother Language Day 2024 with a “vibrant and culturally enriched celebration” at its headquarters in Lumami.
A press release stated that Vice-Chancellor Prof. Jagadish Kumar Patnaik was the Chief Guest, and Registrar Dr. Abemo, the Special Guest.
Dr. Deepak Bhaskar delivered a short speech, sharing insights into the significance of International Mother Language Day. Prof. Dasrathi Bhuyan delivered a special address, emphasising the importance of linguistic diversity and cultural heritage.
In recognition of academic excellence, prizes and certificates were awarded to the winners of the quiz competition, encouraging and celebrating the intellectual prowess of the students. “The celebration not only highlighted the linguistic diversity within the university community but also fostered a sense of unity and appreciation for the rich cultural heritage that each language represents”, it stated.
The University asserted its commitment to promoting linguistic diversity, cultural understanding, and academic excellence among its students and faculty.
Along with that, Centre for Naga Tribal Language Studies (CNTLS), Kohima Campus, Nagaland University celebrated International Mother Language day 2024. Dr. Laishram Bijenkumar Singh and Dr. Imlienla Imchen from the Centre delivered speeches on the importance of mother tongue in line with the UNESCO’s theme. Students and scholars showcase/performed their rich culture and language and a quiz was also organised as part of the event.
CCHE: The Capital College of Higher Education (CCHE) Kohima today observed International Mother Language Day within the college premises on theme “Multilingual Education: A Pillar of Learning and Intergenerational Understanding”. The celebration was organized by the Department of English and Tenyidie.
To embody the theme, an engaging activity was organized on the creation of a multilingual cookbook, wherein the students were organized into nine language groups, representing the diversity of the college community – Ao, Chakhesang, Angami, Sumi, Lotha, Bihari, Bodo Kachari, Khiamniungan, Konyak.
Each language group was assigned the task of contributing a recipe for a special dish that holds cultural or community significance while the students demonstrated their culinary and linguistic prowess.
Ao presented recipe for “Anishi with Smoked Pork”, Chakhesang – “Thiivo Liinyo” (Pork Innards with Blood), “Khu Ganyo” (Fish Curry), and “Niina” (Snail Dish), Angami – “Gazhie Galho” recipe, Sumi – “Smoked Pork with Axone”, Bihari – “Kheer Puri” recipe, Bodo Kachari – “Rice Cake Baked in Aluminum Water Jar”, Khiamiungan – “Kian Pan” (Chutney), Lotha – “Machihan” a dry fish chutney and Konyak – “Nyaram”, featuring a leaf vegetable used in the preparation of various meat-based curry.
PVHSS: Pranab Vidyapith Higher Secondary School in Dimapur marked International Mother Tongue Day today with a special programme celebrating the linguistic diversity represented by its students and promoting the importance of preserving mother tongues.
The celebration featured speeches by Rupakshi Biswas in English, Tanson Ynelen (Class 9) in Ao, Antara Dey (Class 10) in Bengali, Gyanjit Luwang (Class 9) in Manipuri, and Akita H. Chophy (Class 9) in Sumi. A solo song performance was given by Sudiptam Das of Class 10.
“Our mother tongues are an integral part of our cultural identities,” said Principal Sri Monoj Bhattacharjee in his address. “Today’s event highlights the rich tapestry of languages in our school community and the need to protect this precious heritage.”
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