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Nagaland launches polio immunization programme


KOHIMA, MARCH 3: Nagaland, as a part of the National Immunization Day, on Sunday launched the campaign to immunize over 1.55 lakh beneficiaries with the two drops of life.
Principal Director of Health and Family Welfare, Dr Ritu Thurr administered the first two drops to an infant at Urban Public Health Centre, Seikhazou, marking the launch of the programme in 1550 booths across the State.
“Immunization is one of the most effective methods for prevention of 13 vaccine preventable diseases”, said Dr Thurr.
Vaccines are supplied free of cost by the Central Government, he said, adding that the immunization programme in India is the biggest in the world as it targets 27 million infants and 30 million pregnant women across the country.
The Government spends around Rs 20,000 million annually for the success of the immunization programme, he said.
The main goal of the immunization programme is to provide all infant and pregnant women protection of vaccine preventable diseases, Dr Thurr asserted.
With a view to eradicate poliomyelitis, the Government launched Pulse Polio Immunization (PPI) programme in 1994 and upgraded to Intensive Pulse Polio Immunization (IPPI) in 1999, he said.
“Our country and South East Asia was certified polio free in March 2014 and till date India is free from polio disease but our neighbor, especially Pakistan and Afghanistan still has wild polio virus circulating. So, unless we take extra precautions, we can also get the infection any time”, he said.
Nagaland is targeting around 1,55,550 beneficiaries in the age group of Zero to 5-years-old through 1550 polio booths across the State, he said.
Dr Thurr requested the stakeholders including NGOs, churches and village councils to extend helping hand towards the success of the programme.
State Immunization Officer, Directorate of Health & Family Welfare Dr Imkongtemsu Longchar informed that during the day polio drops will be administered in the polio booths while the home-to-home campaign would be conducted till Tuesday.
He said on administration of the oral polio vaccine, every child’s finger is being marked with ink, safe from any toxicity, for the health workers to understand the coverage, he said.
Chaired by CMO Kohima Dr Leamnyie Konyak, the programme commenced with prayer by Pastor of Khedi Baptist Church Dr Ruokuovilie Sachü.
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