Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Nagaland Joint College Student Leaders unhappy with postponement of exams

WE the College Students Community through our respective on-campus, official Student Unions/Councils in unison state and express as follows:
That, We the College Students Community of Nagaland shocked, surprised and highly unpleased with the decision taken by the Nagaland University in compliance with the direction of the State Government Higher and Technical Education, Kohima vide letter No HTE/NU/9-3/2020/795 dated 12th November, 2020 for the postponement of Nagaland University Odd Semester Examination which was originally scheduled to start from 7th December 2020.
Whereas, a fact needs to be taken into serious consideration that since the number of covid-19 cases are increasing day by day in Nagaland and in different parts of India with no vaccine in sight the question of the health and safety of general public will forever be lingering around not only in the state of Nagaland or India but all over the world.
Whereas, by virtue of its compliance with the directions of State Government, University of Nagaland has brought students of Nagaland into a ‘deadly mouse-trap’ where their Constitutional Right to Health and Safety is likely to be jeopardized when the exams which are now have been postponed will be ordered to be held On-campus in near future. The pandemic has exposed the deep vulnerabilities of India’s healthcare system. Much of this is blamed on India’s low expenditure on public health -1.29% of the GDP (in 2019-20), lower than most other countries and also our own the State of Nagaland does not have appreciable record in case of “Public Health System and Services”- a fact, that need to be kept in mind. We believe, Nagaland is not only fighting with Covid-19 but at the same time negotiating with local political as well as administrative challenges also which makes this pandemic unique for the Nagaland.
Whereas, while we express our concerns about the ever rising threat of Covid-19, we sincerely express our concerns about the academics of the students as well. We believe that the ‘Postponement of Examination’ is no way in the interests of the students and overall academic world in Nagaland. However, it is important that the life should move on during the unparalleled time and circumstances that we are living in. Therefore, the alternate system that the humanity has devised – THE VIRTUAL WORLD must be taken refuge to; without any prejudices.
Whereas, while considering the latest policy of Nagaland University which clearly shows its ‘inclination’ and ‘determination’ to conduct examination On-Campus/ Offline, a fact must not be ignored that the guarantee of ‘safety’ cannot be given/offered to the students during On-Campus / Offline examination, moreover, the ground realities of the students in Nagaland are far different from the students in rest of the country. Maximum students in our state have their permanent residence in remote areas-far away from academic towns like Dimapur and Kohima. Due to Pandemic almost 95% of the students have already gone back to their villages to take safe shelter. Conducting On-Campus examination will also mean transportation of those thousands of students and therefore the question of their safety. Moreover, maximum number of students in Nagaland are either hostelites or lived in rental places – both the options have now been practically close for them due to pandemic. This is a present reality of every student in Nagaland which compel him to express his displeasure and concern over the Nagaland University’s policy to NOT to conduct examination online but postponing it further with an intention to conduct the same on the Campus which will definitely expose each and every student to the threat of infection. Therefore, we are of the opinion that- State, the organs of the state and its machinery including Nagaland University does not have any legal ground to take a departure from the basic constitutional norms that makes state responsible to take ‘reasonable’ and ‘effective’ measures to protect ‘health’ and ‘life’ of the citizens (which includes students community as well).
Whereas, we humbly bring the attention of the Hon’ble Government of the state of Nagaland and the Nagaland University that, the Directive Principles of State Policy in Part IV of the India Constitution provide a basis for the right to health. Article 47 casts a duty on the State to raise the nutrition levels and standard of living of people and to improve public health. The Constitution does not only oblige the State to enhance public health, it also endows the Panchayats and Municipalities to strengthen public health under Article 243G (read with 11th Schedule, Entry 23).In this context, within the framework of our Constitutional Rights and Liberties, we raise the questions. Is our Public Health System in Nagaland robust enough to face the humungous challenge of Covid-19 Pandemic? What Constitutional Objective will the Nagaland University achieve by NOT permitting examination to be conducted online? What Constitutional Objective will the Nagaland University achieve by showing its determination to conduct On-Campus / Offline Examination and thereby exposing students to the unparalleled threat of Covid-19 infection?
Therefore, in the interest of the present and future of students community in Nagaland, by virtue of the Constitutional mandate given to all citizens of India, WE, in unison, collectively pray to the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Nagaland University to kindly consider our demand to have ‘ONLINE EXAMINATION’ for ODD SEMESTER by this year itself. We hope our prayer will be heard. We hope the justice will be granted to over 30,000 students in Nagaland. We hope Nagaland University will show its determination, commitment and solidarity to fight Covid-19 and to also take the grievances of the students by taking just, fair and proper steps with Hon’ble State Government of Nagaland to protect students from the threat of infection. We hope to win this deadly Covid-19 pandemic together and come out victorious.
This following Colleges students bodies oppose postponement of exams and hereby strongly support ONLINE EXAMINATION to be held by this year.

  1. Tetso College Students Council (Dmp)
  2. Sakus Mission College Students Union (Dmp)
  3. Immanuel College Students Council (Dmp)
  4. Unity Students Council (Dmp)
  5. Sd. Jain College Students Council (Dmp)
  6. Bailey Baptist College Students Council (Wka)
  7. Mount Tiyi College Student Union (Wka)
  8. Wangkhao Govt. College Students Union (Mon)
  9. Oriental College Students Union (Kohima)
  10. Alder College Students Union (Kohima)
  11. Salt Christian College Students Union (Dmp)
  12. Pfutsero Govt. College Students Union (Phek)
  13. Pranabananda Women’s College Students Union (Dmp)
  14. Peren Govt. Students Union (Peren)
  15. Capital College Students Union (Kohima)
  16. Modern College Students Union (Kohima)
  17. Zisaji Presidency College Students Union (Kph)
  18. St. Xavier College Students Council (Jalukie)
  19. Phek Govt. College Students Union (Phek)
  20. Loyem Memorial Degree College Students Union
  21. Student Council Public College Of Commerce (Dmp)
  22. C. Edge College Of Arts & Commerce Students Forum (Dmp)
  23. Salesian College Of Higher Education (Dmp)
  24. City College Students Union (Dmp)
  25. Tuli College Students Union (Mkg)
  26. Baptist College Students Council (Kohima)

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