Nagaland is ‘most unlivable State’: Cong

Nagaland is ‘most unlivable State’: Cong

Dimapur, September 24: The Political Affairs Committee of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today termed Nagaland State as the “most unlivable State” in view of dilapidated roads, internal disturbances, fear, corruption, backwardness and lawlessness.
The NPCC said in its PAC meeting today it considered the predicament of public life in Nagaland, and members participating in the discussion expressed concern over the painful life that public traverse in Nagaland.
“GoI, State and Naga National Workers are at peace. They all hunt the public as their prey for food (tax). The public must be relieved from being hunted as prey without protection,” said a statement issued by NPCC president K Therie.
Observing that natural fury during the year has further destroyed “our dear potholed roads”, the PAC noted that the Central Government has failed to provide the estimate of Rs 800 crores damage cost and has given Rs 65.25 crores. For this, it assumed that the Centre has trust deficit on the State.
“They (Centre) may have thought it will only be misused. Relief grants are not rights but are a gift and it is the mindset of the giver. It is hoped that the little precious gift will be used for the purpose without slashing,” it said.
According to the PAC, all these difficulties are due to unreasonable delay in resolving the Naga political problem. “Reading the 213th Parliamentary Standing Committee Report of Home Affairs, we appreciate the difficulties and realities of negotiation. We also appreciate that GOI has, at last, heard the voice of the people for inclusive talks. We continue to appeal to the NNC/FGN and NSCN (K) and GOI of India to open talks. NPCC believes in negotiation and not in war to solve the problem. Our policy has been to endeavour to solve the political problem through non-violence and constitutional means and we stand by what we have committed.”
Stating that “Nagas are united in finding peaceful solution”, the NPCC opined that there is little or no reason to divide. “The cause is one, the objective is one, solution will be one and the future will be one. Even after solution, we will live together, as we do today with our inherent culture, customs and social practices,” it said.
Appealing to GoI to be reasonable to the citizens, the PAC of NPCC also appealed to Naga national workers to appreciate the predicaments of the public. “The Committee is unanimous that public aspiration is for peace, freedom, development and opportunities. We feel this should be the basis in finding political solution,” the PAC added. (Page News Service)