Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Nagaland heading for economic disaster: NPCC

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Dimapur, May 21: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has expressed fear that with a huge deficit, huge plan and non plan salary and debt servicing added with lockdown deficit Nagaland is heading for economic disaster.
“With huge deficit, huge plan and non-plan salary and debt servicing added with lockdown revenue deficit, the days are going to be difficult,” said NPCC president K Therie in a press release.
“If we don’t act quickly, we will land into economic disaster soon. Revenue of the Centre is down by 95% as is indicated in the media. If so, central share of taxes and grants will also shrink and may continue so, for several years to come.”
The NPCC said it understands the predicament of the State loomed with inability and the task of bringing back over 18,000 stranded children. “Just about 20 special trains, a few hundred reserved coaches would ferry all Nagaland Children back. It should not be an unsolvable problem. However, bringing them home is not enough. They need to be given jobs too,” it said.
Therie opined that while we are all looking at the stranded children, the hospitality services sector particularly small restaurants, parlours, tourist operators, taxi and auto drivers, etc. cannot be ignored anymore. He said hospitality services have suffered the most in the economy, next to migrant workers.
“Thousands have lost business and tens of thousands have lost jobs in Nagaland State alone. Government must step in to salvage them.”
As temporary considerations for restaurant owners, Therie suggested that the Government may give contracts for packed food for quarantine inmates. Secondly, those that cannot be given contract works for supply of foo, need to be given rations whether they have ration card or not, he said.
“Government should now seriously think of creating jobs to accommodate the unemployed youth and for the stranded returnees. The state should take advantage of the returnee’s experience and upgrade the economy of the state and also help them live with their potentials.”
Asking the Government to realize that the situation is a lesson to be self-content and have some self-respect. Therie maintained that the people of Nagaland are not beggars, but “it is the State Ministers that have made us beggars for visiting all the doors of Union Ministers with their begging bowls.”
“Regional party has taught bribe culture and is responsible for reducing work culture and dignity of labour, while sowing the expectation of vehicles as free gifts upon those who do not have money to buy fuel. People cannot depend on such habits anymore. we need to become self-content and create employment opportunities for all,” he said.
Therie also wanted the State Government to come out with a white paper on the plan of growth of the economy with its share of the Rs 20 lakh crores economic booster package and Rs 102 lakh crore National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) promised to propel India’s dream of achieving a 5 trillion dollar economy.
Secondly, he said, the plan of the Government to make loans easier for MSMEs and the agriculture sector should be made known to the public.
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