Friday, April 16, 2021
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Nagaland has become a land of unions: Imna Along


Dimapur, September 21: Minister of Higher & Technical Education & Tribal Affairs Temjen Imna Along on Saturday lamented that Nagaland has become a land of unions and associations as people think forming groups is a way to fight for their rights. He, however, differed on this.
Addressing students of City College of Arts & Commerce on the occasion of 27th annual fresher’s meet here at the college campus, the minister, who is also the State BJP chief, said people here have become lazy and asked the students to chase their aspirations and work hard, without which their hopes and dreams will remain dreams.
He also asked the students not to spend their lives on mobile games.
Calling for the need of preserving culture for the future, Imna, however, questioned what’s so proud in being a Naga, or being a non-Naga, if one is not tolerant, humble, compassionate, kind, and do not want to work hard?
He questioned how many non-Nagas go out of Nagaland and try to do something for the empowerment of Nagas and how many decide to spend holidays in places like Pfutsero instead of going to places like Shimla and Mussoorie.
“We are all hypocrites,” he said.
He said while it is easy to criticize someone on social media and appear like heroes, it amounts to nothing outside social media and the real heroes are those who travel and bring changes in the lives of others.
The minister asked the people to be fearless to do what is right and fear only God. He pointed out that while people march against backdoor appointments, the very same people come for backdoor appointments, and the unions who agitate against reductions in the cost of road constructions, are the same union who come for donations in the name of sports meet and others.
“From where will the money come?” he asked.
The State BJP president also took the opportunity to ask the college authority not to allow bottled water in future, after noticing that water bottles were being distributed in the programme. I hope to see Nagaland become a carbon neutral state someday, he said and asked all to work towards it.
Imna Along also mentioned that he was once a student of the college for a year, and observed that the college has progressed much since then.
The programme was dotted with a number of cultural performances, songs, and speeches. (Page News Service)