Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Nagaland Govt.: Over-employed & underperformed

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KOHIMA, SEPTEMBER 5: Nagaland, having the highest number of Government employees in the country, would also be having highest number of unproductive employees sucking out the State’s exchequer at the cost of common citizens.
According to the State Government, 60% of Plan fund is consumed by Government employees ~ around 1.20 lakh ~ highest in the country. The Central Government had asked Nagaland Government to reduce the number of its employees but it fell on deaf ears.

Successive Governments, instead of curtailing unproductive employees, have been indulging in rampant backdoor appointments in several Departments as such the Police, Education, PWD, among others.
Protest by various organizations, groups and students over backdoor appointments; which are by and large unproductive, have all been ignored by successive Governments.
There has never been political will by the State Government to filter unproductive employees in Government Departments, nor effective measures to stop unlawful appointments.
Compounded by excess and unproductive employees, there are also reports of bogus employees and some even having dual employment in Government Departments. Why has Government failed to identify such malpractices? Even if detected, what kind of punishment Government will initiate on such unscrupulous employees and officers who are responsible for bogus employees?
Lately, the State Government has initiated uploading of the Aadhar number of all employees into the PIMs database. All Administrative Heads of the Departments and Heads of Departments have been directed to ensure that their respective Nodal officers for PIMs to upload the Aadhar Number of all their employees into the PIMS Database on or before August 31. This exercise was expected to detect bogus employees and people who are serving in more than one Department.
The Police Department is reportedly having over 3000 excess personnel, so also are many other Departments.
Recently the Prison Department apparently cancelled the appointment of around 500 personnel, who got into the Department through irregular means.

Another area of concern is attachment of employees and uniform personnel with officers. It is not yet known how many Government employees ~ mostly uniform personnel ~ are attached with officers for their personal domestic works. It remains to be seen whether the Government will withdraw all such personnel illegally attached with officers and allow them to serve in the Government.
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