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Nagaland celebrates Olympic Day with races; Nagaland Olympics in August

Olympic Day run

Kohima, June 25: Marking the Olympic Day theme “Together for a Peaceful World”, Nagaland today held the Olympic Day Run with various categories of races under the aegis of Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) at Indira Gandhi Stadium here.
In his message, Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said this year’s theme celebrates the power of sport to bring people together in peace: a call to action for people to move together, up to and during Olympic Day, to show their united support for a peaceful world”.
The theme, Rio opined, is focused on sustainability, inclusion, solidarity and peace while also aiming at bringing people together to contribute to a better world through sports.
The message of Rio, who is also the president of NOA, was read out by his cabinet colleague Rural Development Minister Metsubo Jamir in his absentia on the occasion.
“Today, the citizens of Nagaland join the global community in commemorating the Olympic Day with our own Olympic Day Run and citizens from all walks of life participating in different races to celebrate the Olympic spirit and be part of the strongest uniting force – Sport,” he said.
“Over the past years, the Olympic Day has developed into much more than a run or just a sports event. Based on the pillars of ‘Move, Learn, Discover- Together for a Better World’, the Olympic Committees around the world deploy sports, cultural and educational activities aimed at everybody regardless of age, gender, social background or sporting ability,” he said.
Announcing that the next edition of the Nagaland Olympics will be held in the month August, he said for the first time, the State will be introducing selected Paralympics event, making it the Nagaland Olympic & Paralympics Games 2022.
Nagaland team for the North East Olympics will be determined from the result of these games, he said.
Rio also said that thousands of athletes and officials will converge for these games bringing the youth of Nagaland under one common goal of striving for excellence.
NOA secretary general and associate vice president of Athletics Federation of India, Abu Metha gave the introductory remark.
Top five winners in each category received Rs. 7000 for first, Rs. 5000 for second, Rs. 3000 for third, Rs. 2000 for fourth and Rs. 1000 for fifth place winners along with medal and certificate.
The result of various categories of races are:
800 Meters Veterans (Male): 1st- L. Muthia Khiamniungan (Tuensang),2nd- Clement Beck (Dimapur), 3rd- Azo Rupreo (Kohima), 4th – Bithungo Kikon (Dimapur).
800 Meters Veterans (Female): 1st- Wechete-u Kapfo (Kohima)
400 Meters (Under 12 years) Girls: 1st- Kevileno (Dimapur, 2nd- Rukusenu Pucho (Kohima), 3rd- Akruti Rai (Chümoukedima), 4th- Meyonu Pucho (Kohima), 5th- Beatrice Pongen (Chümoukedima).
400 Meters (Under 12 years) Boys: 1st- Mughaka Aye (Chümoukedima), 2nd- Tohanba (Kohima), 3rd- Keheiyitu (Peren), 4th- Augustine Topnu (Kohima), 5th- Kinoto K. Zhimomi (Chümoukedima)
800 Meters (Under 14) Boys: 1st- Wathotsia Poji (Kohima), 2nd- Thejanguzo Pfukha (Kohima, 3rd- Mulekho Sapu (Phek), 4th- Bhoomi Raj Brahma (Dimapur), 5th- Kumghato Zhimo (Dimapur)
800 Meters (Under 14) Girls: 1st- Neshemonyue ( Dimapur), 2nd- Mehrim Beck (Dimapur), 3rd- Vesenelii Khamo (Phek), 4th- Abikali Shohe (Zunheboto), 5th- Lipivi Anami (Chümoukedima)
800 meters (Under 16 years) Boys: 1st- Vephuzo Sekhamo (Phek), 2nd- Pauku Meru (Peren), 3rd- S.Rito (Kohima), 4th- Nikhuyi Yepthomi (Dimapur), 5th- Kekuosetuo Samuel Rutsa (Kohima).
800 meters (Under 16 years) Girls: 1st- Imtisangla Kangshou (Kohima), 2nd- Khrotshou Tsuhah (Phek), 3rd- Jemie Y (Dimapur), 4th- Nini Zhiinyii (Kohima), 5th- Diezelhounuo Meru (Kohima)
1500 meters (Open Category) Men: 1st- Tsole Yhokha (Kohima), 2nd- Cuvoto Medeo (Phek), 3rd- M. Nokching Chang (Tuensang), 4th- Wede T. Mero (Phek), 5th- Hempao Khiam (Noklak)
1500 meters (Open Category) Women: 1st- Tsuchoi T, 2nd- Songmo P, 3rd- Peiheiteile Esalung, 4th- Niansai T, 5th- H. Wangnya Konyak (All from Dimapur)
600 meters (Officials and invited dignitaries) Men: 1st- Nangshiba, 2nd- Theja Meru, 3rd- Neingulie Nakhro, 4th- Hito Swu, 5th- Ketseiu Talie
600 meters (Officials and invited dignitaries) Women: 1st- Loreni Tsanglao
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