Nagaland celebrates Engineers Day with a call for engineers to create quality infrastructure

Nagaland celebrates Engineers Day with a call for engineers to create quality infrastructure

Kohima, September 15: Nagaland today celebrated the 51st Engineers Day with a call for engineers to rededicate themselves towards professionalism in creating better infrastructure development for nation building.
Federation of Nagaland State Engineering Services Association (FONSESA) organized by the celebration on the theme “Digital Transformation: A new industrial revolution” in the conference hall of the Chief Nagaland PWD here.
Every year, the country celebrates September 15 as National Engineer’s Day to appreciate the contributions of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. The Bharat Ratna awardee, Visvesvaraya was born on September 15, 1861 in a village called Muddenahalli in Karnataka. He studied BA from the University of Madras and pursued civil engineering at the College of Science in Pune.
“Engineers are the backbone for all round infrastructure development of the country or a State,” said Chief Information Commissioner, Nagaland, Chandemo Lotha while addressing the celebrants here.
Pointing out that engineers were rocognised as the cream of the society and highly respected by the general public and also by the intellectual elites in the past, he said the present engineers should introspect and examine their actions as to whether they deserve to be recognized as the cream of the society.
“We have to work hard with honesty, dedication with a clear vision and targets to earn the name,” he said.
The economy of the country or a state depends on the infrastructure on which the responsibility lies with the engineers while the failures on their part will bring colossal failures to the country or state which in turn will bring misery to the common people, he said.
As the retired chief engineer of the State PWD himself, Lotha said “our primary focus of attention should be achieving targets for the jobs which will benefit the people and the future generations in which we are also included,” adding, “Our focus also should be for the welfare of future generations where we should not let them suffer due to our failures.”
The growth of economy through infrastructure development offered by the government through many conceptual policies and programmes depend entirely on the achievements made by the engineers with proper implementation and direction, he said.
Expressing that the trend in the present government shows that the more we achieve the more fund is allocated, he called upon the engineers to strive and endeavour without selfish intent to bring achievements.
“We are now in the 21st Century which demands the best in every field and therefore the engineers should update the skills and knowledge and catch up to the present trend to achieve our goals lest we will be left behind and loss dignity and respect by the society,” he said.
Retired Chief Engineer, Lanu Toy exhorting the gathering challenged the engineers to work with a sense of dedication. “We should not only to receive salaries but we earn it,” he said, while also calling upon them to be prepared to prove themselves.
Marking the occasion, FONSESA also collected freewill donations for the welfare of Kohima Orphanage & Destitute Home and Bright Morning Star.
FONSESA president Y Tep in his presidential address said that digital transformation is here to stay and therefore the engineers should be well equipped to cope with the changes and even digitize the projects so that it can be properly monitored.
Chaired by FONSESA vice president Limanaro the celebration commenced with Moameren saying the invocation. Special number was presented by Imnameren Imchen while APHEN president P Khetoi Awomi tendered the vote of thanks.
Engineers from All India Radio, 15 BRTF and BSNL also attended the celebrations. (Page News Service)