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Nagaland: Catholic Research Forum seeks Assam CM’s intervention for Christian issues

KOHIMA, MARCH 4: The North East Catholic Research Forum (NECRF) has urged Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s intervention regarding the issues faced by the minority communities who are allegedly being targeted by certain groups in Assam.
The Research Forum, consisting of 38 members, submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister in which they emphasized several instances of discrimination and harassment faced by the Christians and tribal communities in the State.
They have also expressed their disappointment regarding CM Sarma being silent on the matter.
The NECRF has highlighted the possible consequences of these activities, warning that they could not only create discord among the communities but also disrupt the peace in the region.
The memorandum also stressed that these events in Assam may have wider implications beyond its borders.
One of the specific concerns raised by the Forum is the Assam Healing (Prevention of Evil) Practices Bill, 2023, introduced in the Assam assembly on February 21.
They expressed apprehension about the provisions in the bill, specifically the use of terms like “magic healing” or “magical healing”, which it believes could be exploited to harm innocent individuals.
The NECRF has asked CM Sarma to reconsider the language used in the bill, calling for the removal of what it sees as “controversial terms” to avoid misinterpretations by those with ulterior motives.
The organization believes that these changes are necessary to protect the rights and freedoms of minority communities in Assam.
Earlier on March 2, The Nagaland Assembly expressed deep concern over the Assam Healing (Prevention of Evil Practices) Bill, 2024 that was introduced in the Assam assembly.
Deputy Chief Minister TR Zeliang criticized the bill claiming to go against secularism and said that it targets Christian practices.
The Minister further condemned the alleged incidents of religious intolerance in Assam, including the detention of American citizens for allegedly preaching Christianity and demands to remove Christian symbols from schools.
(Courtesy: The Sentinel)