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Nagaland BJP responds to RPP

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DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 19: A day after the Rising People’s Party (RPP) took strong exception to the letter issued by the Principal Director, Health & Family Welfare Department on September 17, 2022, asking Chief Medical Officers/Medical Superintendents of all the districts to assist BJP medical camps to be conducted from September 19 to October 1 in all districts of Nagaland, the BJP Nagaland Vice President, Peter Rutsa today said that he was not aware that a political party cannot take or ask for help from the Government to organize Seva Pakhwada, fee health check up camps.
Talking to media persons here, Rutsa said the letter of the RPP had mentioned that BJP Nagaland approached/wrote/gave directive to the Health and Family Welfare Department, which is “totally false and which is actually an accusation that never happened”.
“Yes, of course, the Health and Family Welfare Minister belongs to the BJP party and he asked the Principal Director (PD) to assist the BJP”, he said while stressing the word is “assist.”
Explaining about the medical camp, Rutsa said that the BJP is spending and arranging everything from its side and had just asked for assistance in those areas and places where doctors are either unavailable or expensive.
“So, sadly we don’t want to get into a confrontation with the RPP for a good cause like this”, he stated.
The BJP Nagaland was supposed to launch the Seva Pakhwada with a free medical camp at Chungaizaeng Rongmei Colony, Dimapur, at 10 a.m. today but was postponed after the RPP’s allegations were published in local dailies, besides, CMO, Dimapur, pulled out from attending the medical camp.

medical camp
A free medical camp at Chungaizaeng Rongmei Colony, Dimapur, organized by BJP Nagaland on September 19

However, the medical camp was later conducted at around 1 p.m. and launched by BJP National Vice President, Dr M Chuba Ao, where a doctor and nurses from Faith Hospital attended to the patients.
“As of this morning we postponed because CMO Dimapur withdrew from the commitment from personally attending/assisting us in this medical camp. We have approach our own sources and that’s why it was postponed”, he clarified.
When asked about the conduct of medical camps on other districts, the BJP state vice president said medical camps would be conducted in all districts but still they need the assistance of the Government and the authorities in States like Nagaland, which is not developed.
He appealed to the Health & Family Welfare Department and Government of Nagaland to help in carrying out the Seva Pakhwada in all district and hoped that the help would be provided.
Replying to a query, Rutsa said that there will be only one medical camp in Dimapur as per their programme and lamented that due to the controversy the medical camp had to be postponed for few hours
He also said that the BJP does not have all the resources hence they asked the Medical Department for one doctor and two nurses. “We have also communicated to CMOs of other districts to give us the requirement for medicines which we would provide”, he said.
In today’s medical camp, Dr. Sukhato Sema and the family of Faith Hospital, Dimapur, provided one doctor, two nurses and one ambulance for the humanitarian service.
Also, State Vice President, Basu Damani had donated medicines and other medical aid for the health camp. Altogether, 60 patients turned up for the free health camp and availed various medical consultations and aid.
It may be mentioned that the RPP had reminded the Health & Family Welfare Minister and BJP Nagaland that the Order of the Principal Director is illegal and unconstitutional. “The H&FW Department is not an extension of the BJP party apparatus nor are the CMOs/MS/employees of the Health Department party Karyakartas that the BJP can give directions or utilize the Department’s service at will”, the party said in a press release.
It had also said if the BJP Nagaland wants to organize medical camps it is free to do so with their own resources and their own paid doctors or approach charitable bodies like Lion’s Club and Rotary Club.
Stating that there’s a limit to everything and if the Principal Director’s notification is not rescinded/withdrawn within 3 days, the RPP had warned that it will resort to agitation.
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