Nagaland a part of India: BJP

Nagaland a part of India: BJP

Dimapur, October 12: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has said that the party takes pride in having Nagaland State as part of India.
“BJP takes pride in having Nagaland State as part of India. We have declared before the world that we have a state named “Nagaland” where the humility of the people, their rich heritage, vibrant culture and traditions glorify India’s Pride,” said the BJP media cell in a statement.
“From Atal ji’s speech earlier to Modi Ji’s views, BJP proudly declares that Nagaland is a gift to this beautiful Nation,” the statement said.
As far as the Central Government is concerned, the State BJP dispelled any doubt in the minds of the people by stating that “we are as keen as you are to achieve permanent peace with honor and dignity for the people of Nagaland.”
Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first Prime Minister to recognize the “unique history of the Nagas,” it said.
Stating that the Congress party has no right to teach Naga people by spreading negativity, the statement said what Congress has done is only projecting itself as a self righteous paper tiger, adding “Words without action is as good as dead.”
The State BJP claimed that today the Naga people have been given hope by BJP to choose the actual way of development and peace. It said the road for Naga solution was made possible by BJP and the solution can be brought only by BJP.
“BJP is only the platform that has paved way and given aspiration and hope to our Naga motherland to pursue a prosperous future. We don’t need the teaching of division within society from the Congress party because we are already engaged in the movement of unity, harmony, and progress,” it added. (Page News Service)