Monday, May 10, 2021

Naga youths build hand sanitizer dispenser machine

Youth innovates
Kethosituo Sekhose,Dy.Resident Commissioner Nagaland House, New Delhi along with Mhaleu Metha and Kesosilie Kennao & others

Dimapur, July 6: Two Naga youths, Mhaleu Metha and Kesosilie Kennao, in Delhi have build a hand sanitizer dispenser machine, which was recently installed at Nagaland House, New Delhi.
The two youths, both from humanity background, started as young entrepreneur, restaurant owner and photographer, but left with no job with the lockdown self taught to build the machine with the logo MK Innovation, Made in Nagaland.
The sanitizer dispenser is an auto-sensing machine that sprays alcohol based sanitizer when the user places their hand under their dispenser. It uses a 9 volt replaceable battery, and can be used for at least three weeks on a single charge, which have infrared proximity sensor with maximum capacity to hold 10 litres of hand sanitizer.
According to Thomas Thailu, OSD, Planning & Co-ordination Department, the machine has been designed using a custom-made circuit board along with a 100 PSI 24v pump, additional solenoid and flow control valves have been installed to ensure precise dispensing of hand sanitizer.
Installing the MK Innovation hand sanitizer machine at Nagaland House, New Delhi, Kethosituo Sekhose, Deputy Resident Commissioner, congratulated the two young boys and encouraged them to come up with more innovative ideas.
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