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Naga UG groups hit out at Govt over ‘profiling’ of Naga employees

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Dimapur, July 21: The NSCN (IM) and the WC NNPGs have come out strongly against the profiling of Naga employees by the Government of Nagaland, terming the same as an attempt to undermine the Naga political issue.
In an office memorandum (OM) issued on July 7, State Chief Secretary, Temjen Toy IAS had directed all Administrative Head of Departments and all Head of Departments to obtain information in self declaration form from all Government servants under his/her department/office regarding family members and relatives in underground organizations and submit to the Home Department, Political Branch latest by August 7.
In compliance with the OM, all Government departments in the State have started collecting the information from employees.
NSCN (IM): The NSCN (IM) said the July 7 OM issued by the Chief Secretary directing all State Government employees to fill up self-declaration form to declare their relation with Naga underground groups is a retrograde step worked out insidiously to cripple the Naga political movement and forcefully bring the Naga political issue under the purview of ‘law and order’ issue.
“Insulting and demeaning as it is, NSCN denounce the directives which is nothing but desperate attempt to browbeat Naga freedom fighters into submission. Such a despicable directive stands incompatible with the spirit of Indo-Naga peace process,” said a statement issued by the MIP NSCN/GPRN.
The NSCN (IM) also advised the Nagaland State administration that it should not be carried away by such “unpalatable policy” that is targeted to suppress the Naga issue at this belated juncture. (Full Text of the Statement)
WC NNPGs: The WC NNPGs has also asserted that the July 7 OM is unprecedented and ominous that requires a second look.
In a statement, the media cell, WC NNPGs stated every single Government employees, from HoD down to grade IV employee, has blood relative standing for the Naga national cause. “Why profile and segregate Nagas like Jews during WW II,” it asked.
The WC, NNPGs asserted that as per the order of the Nagaland Chief Secretary, the first form must be filled up by Nagaland State Cabinet, legislators and all heads of departments since all comes under the purview of the same order.
The statement also asked those in power to understand that “the chairs on which they seat today are sourced from Naga freedom struggle.” (Full text of the statement)
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