Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Naga solution in few months time


R N Ravi to continue as Interlocutor

Kohima, July 26: The Union Government is contemplating to finalize the Indo-Naga political talks within a couple of month’s time and that R N Ravi will continue as its Interlocutor, even as he has been appointed as Governor of Nagaland.
According to a source, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has directed Centre’s Interlocutor, Ravi to finalize the Naga talks within few months basing on Framework Agreement signed on August 3, 2015 with the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah).
In an effort to give tempo to the Naga peace process, the Union Government signed a Framework Agreement with the NSCN (IM) but so far they could not hammer out solution.
The Centre is also engaged in dialogue with several other Naga groups alongside with the NSCN (IM).
As directed by the Union Government, Ravi, who has been appointed as Governor of Nagaland, today held a closed door meeting with the top leaders of NSCN (IM) led by Thiungaleng Muivah, General Secretary in New Delhi. The formal meeting was held after nearly three months to discuss contentious issues which have slowed the process of the talks.
In the meantime, Ravi will continue to be New Delhi’s Interlocutor, according to a source. Appointment of Ravi did came surprise for many as there was an air of apprehension, but with the Centre’s decision to let Ravi continue as its emissary, the dust is expected to settle down.
Ravi, who is expected to land in the State by July 31, would continue to engage in dialogue with the Naga groups so as to reach for a consensus before the final agreement is signed.
The Centre’s Interlocutor has categorically asserted that India will not leave Nagaland and added that gun was not an option to resolve the issues.
The Centre has already ruled out sovereignty and integration but agreed for a “shared sovereignty” and has recognized Naga people’s right for integration of contiguous areas.
PM Modi has also asserted that hundred percent solution was not possible but that doesn’t mean there would be no further discussion.
Since the signing of truce with the NSCN (IM), there have been over 100 rounds of official talks in an effort to resolve the issue. (Page News Service)