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‘Naga Solidarity Walk’ from July 28

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, JUNE 13: A group of Naga organisations have announced a ‘Naga Solidarity Walk’ which will begin from Kohima on July 28.
A press release informed that the walk will be co-ordinated by Global Naga Forum, All Naga Students’ Association of Manipur, Angami Students’ Union, Arunachal Naga Students’ Federation, Eastern Naga Students’ Association, Rengma Naga People’s Council and Western Rengma Students’ Union Nagaland.
“The Naga Solidarity Walk will begin in Kohima on 28th July and cross Angami territory, Mao territory, Maram territory, Poumai territory and will converge in Tahamzam (Senapati) on 29th July, 2022” , it stated.
The walk has been organised on the theme “One People, One Destiny”.
“This is the start of the 21st century Naga Solidarity Walk, the first leg of a people’s relay for unity and peace in the Naga homeland. This is not an anti-India project; this is a pro-Naga movement and a non-violent one”, it added.
The organisers have invited every Naga to participate in the walk. “For the event to be successful, we will need the help of every Naga, every leader, every organisation and CSO throughout the Naga homeland. We believe Nagas will step forward and help out in your respective capacities and with your resources, whether that is participating in the walk, giving financial assistance, working on the planning and logistics, providing goods, or serving the community”, it stated.
Explaining the reason behind the walk, it stated that the “peoplehood of the Nagas” has reached a critical point. Somewhere on the difficult journey, some Nagas grew weary and lost focus, it added.
“Our adversaries infiltrated the ranks of the Naga cause and sowed seeds of discord and hatred amongst us. Unimaginable things happened from which we have not recovered. But deep down, given the right moment and opportunity, the resilience of the Naga people and the spirit of camaraderie in our character will sustain us. We will walk and converge in a common path of healing and peace for a shared journey to an undivided homeland: One People, One Destiny.
“The Solidarity Walk will celebrate our being Nagas together. It will be inclusive, non-partisan, and peaceful. The Walk will bridge the divisions and boundaries – physical and regional, ideological and political, tribal and gender. It will be a joyous cultural enactment of Naga sisterhood and brotherhood, reinforcing our community bonds as a people across the States in India and Northwest Myanmar, as well as Nagas around the world”, it stated.
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