Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Naga resistance will end with sovereignty: NSCN (YA)

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Dimapur, January 31: The Yung Aung faction of the NSCN on Sunday called upon all not to confuse Naga people’s genuine struggle for sovereignty with those Naga political groups, who, it alleged, has abandoned their national pledge in exchange for power and comfort.

While not naming any Naga group, NSCN (YA) president, Yung Aung alleged, “In connivance with these Naga groups, India is working to finalize the issue to a mere solution under her constitution.”
In his presidential speech on the occasion of the 41st NSCN/GPRN Foundation Day, Yung Aung insisted that the Naga resistance started with sovereignty and will end with sovereignty. (Full Text of Speech )
“History stands witness to the fact that Nagas on both sides of the imposed boundary strongly refused to be included in the Union of any country. As a free people they are fully aware of their right. However, their aspiration to remain free as in the ancient time was met with brutal force. The Nagas thereupon took up arms to defend themselves. Every Naga tribes has equally participated and sacrificed in this armed struggle for independence,” he stated.
Yung Aung also accused India of trying to incite falsehood and portray NSCN/GPRN in a bad light by branding it a terrorist organization. “As a perpetrator of unabated terrorism in the Naga country, India has absolutely no legal right to accuse Naga nationalists of terrorism.
“Nagas lawful and moral right to defend ourselves cannot be interpreted as terrorism,” he stated.
Yung Aung also claimed that in order to distort historical facts and wipe-out Naga people’s struggle, adversaries planted seeds of distrust and enmity, creating ideological differences among Nagas thus complicating our issue.

“Mu dear Nagas, we have arrived at the pivotal moment of our national struggle. We must unitedly come together and make a right decision for our common future. We have jointly inherited the national burden and the choice we make today will determine the future for the next generation,” he said. (Page News Service)