Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Naga political story began, and will end, with NNC: Thinoselie

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DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 1: The president of FGN/NNC, Gen (Retired) Thinoselie M Keyho on Monday said that in Naga political history, NNC is the sole political organisational body, “the only one and real/true stem as well as the root-all in one.”
In his message on the occasion of the 75th birth anniversary of Naga National Council (NNC), Thinoselie said that the “whole story” began with the NNC and it will have its “glorious fulfilling culmination with and in the NNC”. (See Full Text)
According to him, the “casual outward appearance” of the Naga Case may certainly look not too promising, but within, “the core issue is getting consolidated, growing ever so much more favourable and strong; gaining momentum, if you will”.
Thinoselie said that in order to overpower the “Naga Might”, the Government of India had been playing a divisive game and has succeeded in fragmenting them even up to double figures.
“This has created quite a bit of confusion, making it not too easy to discern the real from the fake. But as for me, I am least perturbed! Natural law is quite absolutely clear on this matter: there is but one that is genuine and true; all the rest are false and fake. Confusions abide because of the very many imposters, but they can never stand the test nor make the grade,” he added.
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