Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Naga people can trust the Preamble signed between GOI & NNPGs: WC


Appeals to all Naga groups to prepare for unconditional unity

Dimapur, November 8: The Working Committee (WC) of NNPGs today made its political stand clear to the Nagas that the people can trust on the Preamble signed between Government of India and NNPGs on November 17, 2017 “to which our aspiration is clearly redefined in this historic document.”
In a statement issued today, the WC stated that no nation on earth can say Nagas do not have unique history and situation.
“Does this recognition assures or guarantees our self determination? No. The Framework Agreement of NSCN (IM) simply recognizes our past history,” it said, adding, “In this day of age, be it WC, NNPGs or NSCN-IM, none should try to fool the Naga people. Nagas have grasped reality. High sounding rhetorical statements do not turn lies into truth.”
Reacting to the statement issued by NSCN (IM) intending to reach out and convincing the groups who are not a party in the ongoing peace process between the GOI and the Nagas to be part of the Framework Agreement, the WC said it is upto the concerned Naga groups to reciprocate.
“If it was intended to ask the WC, NNPG to come under FA, of 3rd Aug. 2015, the leadership may consider few points as to why the Framework Agreement was and will remain an inferior political document now and in the future,” it said
Stating that posterity would hold on to the contents of both the Framework Agreement of 3rd August 2015 and Agreed Position or Preamble signed between the GoI and the NNPGs on 17th November 2017, the WC said Naga generation would treasure the document contents and not the photos.
Nevertheless, it appealed to all Naga groups to prepare themselves for unconditional unity.
The WC said it has negotiated with the GOI on the principle and basis of 1929 Naga memorandum and 1951 Naga plebiscite. “After days and days of sustained negotiations with the Indian interlocutor insisting on historical milestones, finally through the solidarity and prayer support of our people, the Agreed Position emerged and is crystal clear today. The essence and spirit of Naga struggle shines through,” it stated adding, this document would stand the test of time and tell the Naga people that their future is secured.
The WC further stated that in the 90 years of Naga political awakening, whether during British rule or post India independent, Naga history has no record of any political agreement within appended signatures mentioning Nagas self determining their future.
The Working Committee termed it a “tragedy” to issue a statement asking all Naga groups “to come and join IM under Framework Agreement”. It said the NNPG stands for unity without any condition and so the NNPGs would not set any condition to any individual or group.
“The greatest problem among the Naga political groups that has, time and again, thwarted genuine reconciliation and unity is the seemingly unending, unacceptable narrative of a single group and their obsessive desire to suppress the Naga people through the barrel of a gun and a propaganda machine that oscillates between sustained madness and irrational sense of nationalism. It is time to use God’s mighty name to genuinely promote love, peace and understanding based on truth and reality of our situation, the WC stated.
It further said the NNPGs is sincerely committed to sit across for an early Naga solution without any pre condition and that is why all the 7 different political groups could come together as one Naga for one solution as it is the only ultimate for the bright future of the younger generation. (Page News Service)