Monday, November 30, 2020
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The stand of NSCN on solution

The Nagas have been a free and sovereign people from time immemorial and they have never been a part of the Union of India or that of Burma or any power, which the historic ‘Framework Agreement’ calls ‘the unique history of the Nagas.’ The politics of the Nagas is founded on the rock of this unique history. Recognition of the unique history of the Nagas by the Government of India is a bold and historic step. Any agreement that betrays the principle of this unique history is no solution to the Indo-Naga political problem.
The leaders of Government of India (GoI) and the Nagas took diametrically opposite stands and both of them were adamant to their respective stands. GoI claimed that Nagalim was an integral part of India and viewed the problem from the perspective of Indian constitution whereas the Nagas viewed it from the perspective of their unique history. In the political talks the Naga leaders said, “We have nothing to do with India and nothing short of total sovereignty and total independence.” The past political talks ended in a dead-lock leading to armed confrontation between the two forces with no hope of meeting point for solution. Realizing that armed confrontation brought no dividend to both, the Government of India and the NSCN finally engaged in negotiations resulting in the signing of the historic Framework Agreement on 3rd August, 2015. The agreement is based on the recognized unique history and sovereignty of the Nagas, and co-existence of the two entities of being sovereign. By co-existence, it means, the Nagas and the Indians will coexist as two entities. In other word, it means, Nagas will coexist with Union of India. The Framework Agreement is the meeting point of the two peoples on the one hand and the uniting point for all Nagas on the other. This agreement will be the beginning of a new relationship between the two peoples. The agreement was made taking the security of India and the sovereign right of the Nagas into consideration. The Framework Agreement says, “Both sides have understood each other’s respective positions and are cognizant of the universal principle that in a democracy sovereignty lies with the people.” And that the sovereignty of the Nagas lies with the Naga people and the sovereignty of India lies with the Indian people. The Framework Agreement is principle based.
NSCN leadership assures the Indian representative that since the two entities are bound together by the doctrine of this agreement, it will uphold the Framework Agreement at all costs at all time. Mr. R. N. Ravi also assures the Nagas leaders that Government of India also will abide by the Framework Agreement. Whoever opposes the Framework Agreement opposes the Government of India.
NSCN is fully aware that any agreement that betrays sovereign right of the Nagas is no solution. Be it informed that the allegation of dropping the issue of sovereignty is the language of false teachers. Mr. R. N. Ravi, who represents the Government of India said in
the formal talk that he is the co-author of the Framework Agreement and that the Government of India will abide by the Framework Agreement.
In the competencies, it says that ‘integration is the legitimate right of the Nagas’ and a roadmap has been set for materializing it through a political process. NSCN is for all Nagas wherever they are and their territories. NSCN is neither for a part of the Naga people nor for a part of their territories. It has never given up the issue of integration as alleged by some critics. Let us beware of those false preachers.
The PAN Naga Hoho is a statutory cultural Body, which embraces all Nagas wherever they are. It was proposed by the GoI and mutually agreed upon. It deals with the affairs of culture, social, customary, language, dialect, integrity and interests of the Nagas. It will also play an advisory role in the fields of education and development. The Naga people have a big reason to say thank you to the Modi led BJP government. Only fools will say no.
To the question of ‘solution for Nagas of Nagaland state’ stated by Mr. Kitovi, in some sections of local newspapers, Mr. Padmanabhaiah, the former Interlocutor of GoI clearly stated if that is the case, then we have no reason to talk because statehood has been granted to them. Government of India is talking with NSCN because you (NSCN) represent the issue of the Nagas. In the formal talk in Paris (France) Mr. Narasimha Rao, the former Prime Minister of India said to our leaders, “We are talking with you because the issue is with you, people are with you and you have proved yourselves, but they (others factions) are in my hand, the issue is not with them, people are not with them and they have not proved themselves. Why should I talk with them?” He stated this in response to the question raised by Mr. Th. Muivah to talk with others.
Mr. R. N. Ravi said, “Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has authorized me to solve the Naga issue on the basis of two equals.” He also said, “One talk, one agreement and it will be inclusive, which means all should subscribe to the reality of one talk and one solution.” Difficulties are surmountable through dialogue, confrontation is not the right option.
Everything comes from and exists on its own principle and when the principle is murdered everything dies a natural death and nothing stands. The Naga nation stays alive and kicking only on account of its well-protected principle. The past Indian leaders tried to solve the Indo-Naga political problem with brute force, but terribly failed. They tried to solve it through appeasement policy by pouring blood money as political bait, but it could not win over the hearts of the Naga people. Again, Government of India tried to murder the Naga national principle through deceptive accords and agreements, where some opportunist traitors were hooked, but the issue remained unsolved because the Naga people took solid rock stand on their national principle. The Naga people believe that the present Indian leaders will not repeat the past mistakes.
The Naga people can never part with their national principle because they are fully aware that the day they sell out their principle, everything in their hand – their right, their history, their identity, their culture, their land, their politics and religion will die never to rise. By then, they will become foreigners in their own land.
We may live in developed cities, but those cities will be named after our conquerors if we have sold out our motherland to them; we may be placed in high social positions, but
social positions without national identity is a lost people; we may live in palatial houses or possess golden cars, but we will be a people without future if we have bartered our right for gold like Esau of old; we may have unnumbered children to be proud of, but they will become subjects of other people if we have murdered our history.
NSCN values the Naga national principle above all things and upholds it dearly with tears and blood through thick and thin. In spite of persecutions and oppressions perpetrated against them by the aggressors for decades, the Nagas are still alive because they are deeply rooted in their national principle. Time and situation may change, but principle does not change. Policy and strategy may change, but principle does not change. Principle and truth are not subject to change by majority votes. Any kind of agreement that betrays the principle is no solution to the Indo-Naga political problem.
NSCN upholds the principle of interdependent relationship among all peoples and nations. We know the Nagas and the Indians are also interrelated and interdependent. As different kinds of species are living together in the same planet so the Indians and the Nagas will also coexist as two entities. They must live together. But, merger of one identity with the other is an abominable sin of transsexual politics.
The Indo-Naga political problem must be solved. But how?
It is an issue wherein the sovereign right and future of the Nagas and the security of India are involved. It will be solved through bilateral talks based on the recognized Naga history.
The Framework Agreement is a kind of honorable solution that serves purposes of both parties. It was officially signed by Mr. R. N. Ravi, the representative of the Government of India and Mr. Th. Muivah, the Chief negotiator of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim in the presence of Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Chief of Indian Army, Gen. Dalbir Singh Suhag, National Security Advisor to Prime Minister, Mr. Ajit Doval and hosts of NSCN leaders in the eye of the Indian and the Naga people, and the whole world. Above all, God, the Creator of heaven and earth is the witness.
Issued by MIP, NSCN/GPRN

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