Monday, December 11, 2023
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Naga orgs ask stranded people to reconsider returning home

Kohima, May 13: Despite thousands of Nagas who are stranded outside the State sending an “SOS”, some Naga organisations have come out against ferrying them back home for fear for COVID-19.
This has come as a shock for many, as many of the stranded people are of different categories, and many of them are from the affluent families.
People who are against coming back home of those stranded have even suggested that State Government bear the expenses during their extraordinary period, which is next to impossible for any State Government. However, the Nagaland Government has decided to grant Rs. 10,000 to those who are willing to stay back.
So far the State Government has deposited over Rs. 9 crores to those people stranded outside the State.
Organizations and people who are against ferrying in stranded people from outside the State included Pochury Hoho which has asked its members to reconsider home coming, if not the sick members, as it could be a safe thing to stay where they are for their own good and for the sake of other members.
“Therefore, Pochury Hoho appeals the concerned village councils of Pochury area to advice the respective stranded members to stay back for a time being as it is not conducive at this moment and in the meantime the concerned respective village council may pleas help the distress members in kind” the Hoho stated in a release today. The Hoho also requested the State Government to provide all necessary measures for the stranded members of Nagaland.
A release issued by Hoho president, Chulekhu and General Secretary, Er. Vechutho Nyusou said in context of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and the preparation by the Government in bringing back the stranded people and other residents of Nagaland Pochury Hoho is deeply anxiously anguished over the prevailing outcome and its ramification.
“As we are cautiously awaiting the complete preparedness for homecomers and the family re-union, we are due to acknowledge if the comers may dilute the declared green zone area, where humanly concern can aggravate the good” they release further said.

Naga Hoho for bringing back stranded Nagas
In contrary the Naga Hoho has asked the State Government to provide safety measures and ensure safe return of Naga people. “We cannot allow our Naga brothers and sisters in different cities to suffer as they have become vulnerable to racial discrimination and degradation in the hands of others,” the press statement issued by Hoho Communication Cell stated.
The Hoho, however, said it must ensure that the returnees strictly maintain safety as per the guidelines and instructions given by the experts and the State Government. “The State Government should not shift its focus from bringing the stranded people for fear of community spread. Rather the State must be prepared for any eventuality and as declared by the PM, we have to learn to live with the virus by maintaining strict guidelines,” the Hoho stated.
Further the Press Statement said they have been hearing the news of the untimely demise of Naga youths in different cities and being buried unceremoniously during this lockdown which must have brought untold miseries and pain to the families and friends. Therefore it is the need of the hour that our stranded brothers and sisters return home to be with their families. (Page News Service)