Friday, November 27, 2020

Naga Machang: Naga cuisine only eatery at Niathu Resort

Dimapur, July 13: The Niathu Group on Saturday gave a brief introduction about Naga Machang, the ‘Naga cuisine only’ eatery at the Niathu Resort here.
Interacting with the media at Naga Machang, General Manager of Niathu Group, Anthony Nili Chasteii said the Machang, besides being a business, is a mode through which the group tries to introduce to the world the rich Naga heritage. Also since it is a Naga cuisine facility, the products are acquired from the local markets, which in return create local business opportunities, he said.
Not just food products, but also handicrafts are acquired from local artisans and given to visitors as parting gift, he informed.
On the perception that Naga Machang must be an expensive place, Chasteii said it is not so. “If not lesser than the typical restaurants, it is at least at par with them, and not more expensive when it comes to cost,” he claimed.
Chasteii informed that the number of vegetarian dishes that are made available at the eatery has surprised many visitors as they think Naga cuisine means only meat and insects.
Chasteii added that the facilities at Niathu Resort are open to all.
Food and Beverage Manager, Robin said the Naga Machang keeps changing the menu in accordance with the popularity of dishes and availability of products, but it includes cuisines from all tribes of the state.
The Naga Machang is headed by Asano. Florence Angami, Guest Relations Coordinator, was also present during the interaction. (Page News Service)