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Naga leaders are to be blamed for the delay in Naga political solution: Shürhozelie


KOHIMA, MAY 24: Naga People’s Front (NPF) president Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu, while maintaining that Naga leaders are to be blamed for the delay in Naga political solution, said that Naga problem can never change until and unless the matter is solved with political approach and human approach.
Addressing the NPF Central Office Bearers (COB) meeting at its central office here, Dr Liezietsu said that in Naga society many changes have been taking place including the lifestyle of the people, of the groups as well as of individuals.
In spite of all these changes taking place at fast speed, one thing that remains unchanged throughout with the Nagas is ‘the seven decades old Naga political problem,’ he said.
Other things may keep on changing but the Naga political problem can never change until and unless the matter is solved with political approach and human approach, he said.
Maintaining that solution to the Naga problem does not require new political philosophy but the political approach based on its history, he claimed that NPF still holds that political philosophy, the only honourable way to solve the Naga problem.
“We are there and we will continue to be there till our goal is achieved”, he said.
Citing the words of ‘very senior politician’ from the ruling group telling his secretary general and first time MLA Achumbemo Kikon ‘not go back to the Simon Commission’, the NPF president said “this is how the present Government may be trying to divert the mind of the young generation to forget the Naga political problem”.
They may divert the mind of few people with their easy money, but for that matter, the Naga political problem will remain the same without any change till a solution is arrived at which is “honourable, acceptable and inclusive”, he reiterated.
Solution to this problem does not require any new political philosophy but what is required is ‘trust’ and nothing more, he said.
Saying that it will be wrong to blame the Government of India at this juncture, Liezietsu said “we have to blame ourselves in delaying the solution. It depends on the leaders, may be underground leaders, State Government leaders, leaders of Civil Societies, Tribal leaders, etc.
“Today, Nagas have too many organisations and leaders. All those leaders have been preaching about unity and understanding among the Nagas, but on the contrary, it is those leaders who have been creating divisions and factions among the Nagas. By doing that, Naga leaders themselves have been reducing the Naga politics into tribal politics and village politics”, he said.
In this, he said to talk about Naga unity is a far cry while leaders themselves are responsible for creating divisions and factions while many leaders want to become monarchs of all that they survey.
Also recollecting the bygone year where 21 NPF legislators had joined with ruling NDPP, the NPF president advised them to retrospect and to return home if there can be realisation for their better future.
“Let everything keep on changing as per the prevailing contemporary realities in its own course but since the Naga political problem remains the same without solution for the last more than seven decades, let no politician ever try to misinterpret the problem because the problem remains a reality for the Nagas even today as of old”, he said.
NPF will not entertain any arrangement detrimental to party’s interests: Azo
NPF Legislature Party leader, Kuzholuzo Azo Nienu called upon the party leaders and workers to have a positive road map for the people of Nagaland rather than wasting time criticising and blaming one another of the bad performance in the recently concluded General Election.
“Our concern should be the sunrise of our people and not the setting sun”, he said.
Azo also encouraged them not to think about the past because the past glory is only for the records.
He appreciated the party rank and file for keeping the party intact and strong in these unprecedented times and also for standing steadfastly with the President Dr. Liezietsu and for honouring the oath of allegiance to the NPF party.
Azo, as Leader of the NPFLP, pledged to protect and safeguard the interest of the party in under all circumstances.
“We will not entertain any arrangement, which is detrimental to the interests of the NPF Party. Together we must be steadfast in upholding the principles of the party and the welfare of the people”, Azo affirmed.
NPF secretary general & MLA, Achumbemo Kikon, while maintaining that NPF has faced lots of challenges including money power in the February elections, appreciated the party men and women for standing firm on the party principle and ideology.
Ever since the formation of the party, except the 1998 election for the cause of strengthening the Naga peace process, NPF have been part of the State Assembly, he said, adding that NPF has shown courage despite all odds.
NPF still stands and exists on the basis of a solution to Naga political issue, he said, while giving the hope that NPF will continue to exist with the strong support from Nagas as it is a party respected by the youth and old for reflecting the identity of the Naga people.
NPF will not deviate from the party principle despite the ups and downs, he said while expressing hope that time will not be very far when people will return to NPF and will lead the people from the front.
NPF working president Pusazo Luruo chaired the first session of the meeting while general secretary Akho Leyri offered prayer and general secretary Toniho Sheqi delivered the welcome address.
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