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Naga lad seeks to eradicate poverty through Jewelleries

Thungchibemo Ezung

KOHIMA, SEPTEMBER 18: The immediate words that come to mind when the word ‘Jewellery’ is uttered are wealth and fashion. However, 20-year-old Certified Bench Jeweler Technician, specialized in silversmith and Diamond stone setting from Sindhar Institute of Gemology, Kolkata, Thungchibemo Ezung, founder of the brand ‘PIPO’ might have just discovered the much-needed mapwork towards eradicating poverty with jewelleries as the catalyst.

Interacting with the press fraternity at Dream Café on Saturday about the upcoming 2nd Edition of Nagaland Handmade Jewellery Exhibition 2021, powered by Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA), at The Heritage, Old DC Bungalow, Kohima, on September 24, Ezung said that this year’s event was conceptualised from the 3 goals out of the 17 sustainable development goals 2030 adopted by the Government of Nagaland.
Sharing his vision on how he seeks to incorporate the SDGs 2030 through jewelleries, Ezung said that the Jewellery exhibition scheduled for September 24 will be kind of a launch pad for various brands in Nagaland towards adopting and fulfilling the 3 SDGs, namely No poverty, Gender Equality and Decent work and Economic Growth.
He further explained that PIPO as the organiser of the event seeks to achieve these goals by being accessible to promote home grown brands in alliance with the Government and private sectors to create opportunities whereby eradicating poverty will be the goal.
The event itself will be a testament of how PIPO seeks to be inclusive to all home-grown brands since only 9 brands out of the 12 brands are jewellery brands, the remaining 3 are handmade hubs that deal in clothing line, accessories and arts, he said.
As far as gender equality is concerned, empowering women tops our priority list but we also keep in mind to balance the growth of businesses without any barriers and taking an inclusive approach.
The event will showcase the work of 12 brands from Nagaland, namely PIPO, Muney Handmade, Gifted Creations, The Khriezos, Humstsoe Crafts, Menyie Silver Jewellery, Abeila Casket, Berem Jewellery, Mixpick Enterprise and 3 handmade hub, Nr Studio, Made in Nagaland and Wulo Akami Art Works.

Talking about the motivation behind the exhibition, Ezung said that Nagaland Handmade Jewellery Exhibition, which is a sub-branch of PIPO, was initiated in 2019 on having felt the need to have a market space and exposure for home grown brands.
The exhibition could not be organised in the preceding year due to the pandemic.
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