Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Naga Kuotsu Union celebrates golden jubilee

Naga Kuotsu

Kohima, November 30: Naga Kuotsu Union has celebrated its golden jubilee on November 28 last on the theme “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: One Family” at Kuozhüzou, Kohima.
The golden jubilee monolith dedication and thanksgiving prayer was done by Rev. Fr. Neisalhou Carolus Kuotsu, Vicar General, Kohima Diocese while Leo Kuotsu Solo unveiled the monolith and pronounced blessings.
Peter Kuotsu, vice president Naga Kuotsu Union led the programme.
Er. Neisievilie Lhousa Kuotsu delivered presidential address.
Jubilee message and release of souvenir was done by Rev. Dr.Visor Kuotsu.
Naga Kuotsu Union vice president and finance committee convenor, Neisa Wetsah Kuotsu stated that more than 32 villages have submitted registration fees.
He acknowledged Mezo Kuotsu Mechu Kehou for donating monolith stone, Khonoma Kuotsu Union for rendering free labour, Rücha W.Kuotsu for donating materials and Kovor Kuotsu for donating rice for jubilee feast.
Meanwhile, the nomination committee has announced new team of office bearers, which will be led by Ravolhoutuo Whiso Kuotsu,
Installation of new office bearers was administered by Thepfülhoutuo K.Kuotsu, pastor, Christian Revival Church, Mezoma.
This was stated in a release issued by Mutsivoyi Kotso, member publicity & information (Golden Jubilee celebration).
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