Monday, June 14, 2021
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Naga Hoho reminds GoI to keep its commitments


Dimapur, October 12: While appreciating the negotiators and the Government of India for the commitment to hammer out honourable settlement, the Naga Hoho has reminded the Government of India to keep its commitments and that, the Naga people have waited with patience for the last 22 years which is long enough.
It said every Naga soul is longing to witness the post settlement era of peace and development, yet then, “we cannot afford to succumb to inducements of economic packages and divide and rule policy of Government of India.”
“The Government of India’s three month deadline to solve the vexed Indo- Naga Political imbroglio in the form of an imposed settlement is unacceptable to the Nagas when the core issues which have landed the decades old political peace process into a deadlock are yet to be resolved amicably,” a press release issued by Naga Hoho president, H K Zhimomi and general secretary, K Elu Ndang stated.
It said if the Government of India decides to impose its “take it or leave it” or “carrot and stick” policies on the Nagas, the approach would only vitiate the existing peaceful environment and negate all the sincere efforts put in by both Indian and Nagaleaders during the last many years in the quest for a lasting honourable solution.
The Hoho also affirmed that any Accord that does not honour the Nagas’ legitimate rights for integration, separate Naga flag and constitution is neither honourable nor acceptable to the Nagas who have shed much precious blood and tears for this long cherished Naga dream.
It reminded the Government of India leaders not to divide Nagas further with a piecemeal settlement in tacit understanding and collusion with a few groups backed by some public leaders with vested, parochial interests as it will only result in more conflicts and bloodshed among the Nagas.
The Hoho further appealed to all the Naga negotiating parties to find common grounds, accommodate one another in the larger interests of the whole Naga family and put in concerted efforts to arrive at an inclusive, acceptable and honourable settlement with the Government of India.
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