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Naga Hoho on whirlwind tour of Naga inhabited areas

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KOHIMA, DECEMBER 11: The Naga Hoho is on a whirlwind tour of Naga inhabited areas to garner support against the infamous Armed Forces (Special Powers) Ac, and also to bring Naga from all walks of life closer in an effort to unite Naga people cutting across boundaries.
The Hoho, led by President, HK Zhimomi, was the first to visit Oting Village in Mon district, to conveyed sympathy to the families of those brutal gunned down by the Army on December 4. They also met several Konyak leaders during their visit.
Ahead of their visit the Hoho also issued a statement vehemently condemning the killing of 14 innocent civilians and demanded for repeal of AFSPA.
On December 10, the Hoho team, led by President Zhimomi and General Secretary Elu Ndang, visited Halflong in Assam, where they were accorded rousing welcome by the people. Representatives from several Naga villages in the area attended the day long consultative meeting.
During the consultative meeting the Hoho leaders called upon people to work together in all aspects, particularly at a time when atrocities are being committed against Naga people.
The Naga Hoho leaders strongly condemned the Oting-Tiru killing and called for a united voice against the draconian law, which gives extra power to the army to act with impunity in the Northeast.
The Hoho has called international communities to fix a responsibility on the Government of India for the December 4 incident. The Hoho leaders demanded the Government of India to repeal the AFSPA from Naga inhabited areas as there is no reason why the Centre should empower armed forces to use draconian law when there is peace.
Meanwhile more organisations continue to visit Mon to listen and obtain firsthand account of the infamous incident. Sources said a combined team of Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), Naga Mothers Association (NMA) and Global Naga Forum (GNF) have left for Mon today. Reportedly, Tangkhul Hoho, Nagaland, has also left for Mon this morning.
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