Naga Hoho Federal Assembly held


Dimapur, June 1: A Federal Assembly of the Naga Hoho was convened on May 31 at Hotel Vivor, Kohima.
In view of the absence of some officials and federating Units the members present agreed to convert the Assembly to a consultation meeting.
The House noted with regret that there was dissent amongst the officials on the call of Federal Assembly however members agreed that the speaker’s summon for the Assembly was justified.
Those who agreed that the speaker’s summon was justified explained that the officials had been failing to fulfill the constitutional obligation as enshrined in the Yezabo Article 6 clause 4 whereby it directs the Federal Assembly to be held at least twice in a year and whereas since the last Assembly on 28th Sept. 2016 no further Assembly was convened.
They also stated that the necessity for the Speaker to consult the president to convene the Assembly does not arise as the executive Council Meeting dated 31st Oct. 2017 had requested both the president and the Vice President to demit Office on the ground that their respective tribe organizations viz. Ao Senden and Sumi Hoho had dissociated from the Naga Hoho. And, the Yezabo clearly implicates on holding of posts in the Naga Hoho vide Article 18 clause 1.
Besides, 4 federating units of Naga Hoho viz. The Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO), Angami Public Organization (APO), Puchury Hoho and Rengma Hoho had on the same ground questioned the legitimacy of the president and vice president in the Letter dated 29/9/2017 addressed to the Speaker.
In the meeting, the four organizations made its stand explicitly clear and that they shall not cooperate unless their contention is addressed. Besides, the officials of Naga Hoho present also reiterated that they stand by the Executive Council Meeting resolution on 31 Oct. 2017 whereby it was decided that ” unless the President and the Vice President demit office the executives shall resign en mass”.
The members contented that with the withdrawal of Ao Senden and Sumi Hoho from the Naga Hoho, any official belonging to the said tribes ceases to be a member of the Naga Hoho. Therefore, the concerned executive must resign from their respective post in consonance with the constitution and on moral ground.
The members observed with alacrity that there are some element trying to derail the smooth functioning of the Naga Hoho by using the name of a Naga National Organization and warning some federal Units not to attend the Federal Assembly.
The members resolved in unanimity that they would continue to strive for the cause and interest of the Naga people by adhering to the principles and ideals of the Naga Hoho.
(Page News Service)