Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Naga Hoho defends against vicious attacks on its credibility

In response to the venomous allegations made by the Working Committee of NNPGs on January 18, 2024, and subsequently circulated in local dailies and social media, the Naga Hoho issues this rejoinder. The Federal Assembly of Naga Hoho, convened on January 23, 2024, at Rengma Gaon, Assam, unequivocally condemns the baseless statements propagated against Naga Hoho.
The orchestrated attacks by the WC of NNPGs, certain organizations, and individuals, attempting to label Naga Hoho as a mere mouthpiece of NSCN IM, are not only unfounded but also a blatant attempt to undermine the very fabric of Naga civil society. The Naga Hoho, an institution with a storied history, has come under relentless assault, revealing a sinister pattern of dismantling Naga civil society, as envisioned by Ajit Doval, the National Security Advisor, who declared civil society as the new frontier of war.
As we examine the Naga Hoho Constitution points, it raises a poignant question: Do the finger-pointers no longer cherish and uphold the mandate of Naga Hoho, or have their minds and hearts lost connection with the essence of our collective aspirations?
Naga Hoho Constitution Principles:
– Oneness Among Naga People: Naga Hoho fervently advocates creating a sense of oneness among the Naga people, for unity, and nurturing a shared identity.
– Defense of Naga Rights: Upholding and defending the political, economic, socio-cultural, and other common interests of the Nagas is a core tenet.
– Protection of Naga Territory: Naga Hoho stands resolute in defending the traditional Naga territory and safeguarding its people from external threats.
– Integration of Naga Homeland: With a commitment to all-round development, Naga Hoho strives for the integration of all Naga homelands.
– Welfare of the Nagas: A primary objective is to promote the overall welfare of the Nagas by protecting their inalienable rights and interests.
In this relentless assault on Naga civil society, Naga Hoho has consistently pressed the Government of India for an early political settlement. Contrary to malicious claims:
1. Prompt Political Solution: Naga Hoho has never advocated delaying the Naga political negotiation; rather, we emphasize a prompt political solution, transcending factional interests.
2. Opaque Agreed Position: If NNPGs assert the conclusion of negotiations, they should promptly sign the Agreement based on the Agreed Position, which remains shrouded in opacity.
3. Unofficial Signings: While the Framework Agreement was signed with global witnesses, the signing of the Agreed Position remains unofficial and unknown to the people, raising questions about transparency and legitimacy.
It is evident that the attacks on Naga Hoho aim not only to tarnish its image but also to sow discord within the Naga community. This orchestrated assault, influenced by divisive forces, poses a severe threat to Naga unity and sovereignty. The Naga Hoho defiantly asserts that it will not succumb to these treacherous machinations orchestrated by those acting as blatant collaborators of India.
In this crucial juncture, Naga Hoho calls upon the Naga people and the global community to recognize the orchestrated attempts to dismantle Naga civil society and resist the divisive forces that threaten the collective vision for Naga self-determination and sovereignty.
Media Cell,
Naga Hoho