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Naga Hoho condemns RN Ravi’s Message

The Naga Hoho is shocked and astounded by the Hon’ble Governor and Interlocutor Shri. RN Ravi’s statement on the eve of 58th Statehood Day of Nagaland. What is more shocking is Mr. Ravi who is also the Interlocutor to the Indo-Naga peace talks seem to have been glorifying the controversial Naga Peoples’ Convention (NPC) and the creation of controversial statehood. The Naga Hoho cannot support such abusive statement from the interlocutor and therefore we out rightly condemn the statement made by him.
We had the notion that Mr Ravi was unlike other interlocutors in the past and had great hope that during his tenure something could be worked out and he had wisely understood the Naga political problem and its history of more than seventy years. We never expected such antagonistic statement from a brilliant, intelligent and self respecting Interlocutor who is supposed to be a harbinger of peace. Regrettably, RN Ravi’s entire utterances are to create division among the Nagas in line with regional and artificial territory. Naga Hoho would love to refer line by line on RN Ravi’s statement, however, we will not dwell as desired, rather leave it to the cognisant of Tribe Hohos, students and women Associations and CSOs particularly from the state of Nagaland to have reflection as harbinger of Nagas identity at this crucial moment and to ponder upon with all seriousness over the issues we are raising through this communiqué and come out with an open mind whether RN Ravi’s antipathetic statement is acceptable to the Nagas.
To Mr. RN Ravi, Hon’ble Governor of Nagaland and Interlocutor to Indo-Naga peace Talks: No Governor in the past have resuscitated 16 Point Charter of Demands. What prompted you to take keen interest on the contentious issues after 57 years of statehood when Government of India and Naga negotiators are trying to resolve above 16 point resolution?
Did the founding fathers of Nagaland state spend a single night in the jungle fighting for freedom and what they were doing when the 16 Point Charter of proposal/demand submitted to GoI? Do you think Naga problem is related to armed insurgencies and who started violence? Why GoI did signed another ceasefire Agreement in 1964 and 1997 if the 16 Point Resolution/proposal is final settlement? Who are the guns of people from outside the state of Nagaland inspired by Maoist ideology and tactics? Who raped our mothers and sisters and destroyed and burnt down scores of our churches? Is it not the occupational forces? Indeed, Naga political issue belongs to the Naga people alone and not outsiders.
Which single entity is claiming the sole franchise over it? Who are the primary stakeholders on Naga issue? Are you not the one who created primary and secondary stakeholders? No doubt, heart of Nagaland beats in its villages where plebiscite was conducted in 1951. The Indian National Flag and Constitution are the pride of the people of India, so also Nagas do have our own flag and constitution. Who is talking contrary and peddling preposterous lies?
Are you not the one who misinterpreted Framework Agreement? If the talks concluded on 31st October, 2019, why did GoI directed IB officials to engage in Indo-Naga peace talks after you have created divide and destroy policy? If Indo-Naga political issue is meant for the Nagas of Nagaland, where is your comprehensive inclusive political settlement and who is stopping or delaying the final agreement?
Hon’ble Sir, please remember that Indo-Naga political problem is much older than you. No one is immortal and we will all die but Naga issue will remain ever green if we fail to find out amicable solution and bring to a logical conclusion with sheer political will. Dated: Kohima the 2nd Dec. 2020
H K Zhimomi K Elu Ndang
President General Secretary
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