Naga headgear controversy: State BJP burns Tharoor’s effigy

Naga headgear controversy: State BJP  burns Tharoor’s effigy

Dy CM, NPF demand apology

State BJP leaders burning the effigy of Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday

Dimapur, August 7: Protesting the statement made by Congress MPm Sashi Tharoor about Prime Minister Modi wearing Naga headgear as “outlandish and hilarious”, the BJP Nagaland on Tuesday burnt the effigy of Tharoor at the Dimapur BJP office here as a “symbolic protest” of the party’s strong resentment for hurting the sentiments of Naga tribes.
Party spokesman and general secretary, James Vizo said Tharoor’s statement is an insult to the tribal people of the Northeast, especially the Nagas.
“Our identity and culture should be protected,” he said and alleged that Congress has been playing a divisive role and politics.
He also said all ranks and files of the BJP condemn Tharoor’s statement and demand him to withdraw it immediately.
Meanwhile in a press release, the State BJP said Sashi Tharoor’s “disdain and insolence” shown towards the attires of the Nagas have crossed all limits and demanded an outright apology.
“In his overzealous hate for the prime minister and BJP, Tharoor doesn’t mind insulting the rich heritage and culture of the Nagas. His attitude unmasks the congress party’s claims of being the party for the downtrodden minorities and tribals. By commenting on PM Modi’s refusal to wear certain type of caps, he showcases his own double-standards by choosing not to comment in an event where his own party President Rahul Gandhi refused to wear the traditional headgear of one of the south Indian states,” it said.
The party also questioned the Nagaland State Unit Congress leaders on their stands or view on the issue.
Deputy CM: Deputy Chief Minister Y. Patton has also demanded apology from Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, Lok Sabha MP, for insulting the people of Northeast, particularly the Nagas.
In a separate release, the Deputy CM’s media cell said the Congress MP in his tweet mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for wearing “all sorts of outlandish headgear” but refusing to wear a skull-cap.
“It was quite unbecoming for a person of his stature to make such irresponsible remark which had irrevocably hurt the sentiments of the Nagas and the Northeast in general,” the release said.
The Deputy CM’s office said Tharoor before making such a “provocative and rhetoric” should know that the Naga traditional headgear depicts the patriotic valour and the rich cultural heritage of the Nagas forefathers, which are literally recognized as honourable assets of the Nagas and the Northeast. “No one has the right to ridicule or make fun of any traditional and cultural heritage of the country,” it said.
The release asked Shashi Tharoor to clarify whether the remark was in his own personal capacity or the opinion of the Congress party as a whole, while also demanding unconditional apology to the people of the region in the public domain.
NPF: Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) and Deputy Chief Minister & BJP legislature party leader Y Patton have demanded apology from Congress leader Shashi Tharoor for hurting the sentiment of the Nagas over his remarks on the Naga headgear.
In a press release, the NPF said Tharoor’s remarks terming ‘Naga Headgear ‘ as ‘outlandish ‘ and ‘hilarious’ has deeply hurt the sentiments of the Nagas, and hence Tharoor should take back his word as the “traditional Naga headgear has certain values and honour attached to it.”
Terming Tharoor’s remarks as ridiculous and “tantamount to discrediting the traditional values and practices of the Nagas which is different from the rest of the world,” the NPF said to refer the Naga headgear as ‘outlandish’ and ‘hilarious’ is unfortunate and uncalled for on the part of a learned man such as Tharoor, who is well known for his deep political insights and eloquence of speech.
The party called upon the Congress leader to tender apology for his comments immediately.
MSK: Malayali Samajam, Kohima has condemned the observations of Shashi Tharoor, MP on Naga Headgear as “Outlandish and Hilarious”.
It said the citizens living in Nagaland in general and Keralites in particular are shocked with the provoking remarks made by a responsible personality like Tharoor.
“We feel pity for Shri Tharoor’s lack of knowledge on rich Naga heritage culture and its costume,” the MSK said and appealed to the MP to withdraw his remarks and tender unconditional apology to the Naga people.
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