Friday, September 17, 2021
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Naga consultative meet rejects Citizenship Amendment Bill


Dimapur, January 31: A consultative meeting of the State Government with civil societies, tribal organizations, political parties, NGOs, etc on the Citizenship Amendment Bill unanimously resolved to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 and outrightly rejected its implementation in Nagaland.
The meeting observed that Nagaland is a political State formed out of the 16 Point Agreement and accordingly Article 371(A) of the Constitution protects and safeguards the rights and privileges of the citizens of Nagaland, as no act of Parliament, shall apply in the State of Nagaland unless the Nagaland Legislative Assembly by a resolution so decides.
At the same time, the meeting was of the view that all Naga organizations should have unanimity in supporting this stand in the greater interest of protecting and safeguarding the rights and privileges of Naga people as enshrined in the Indian Constitution.
The meeting also resolved that no non-indigenous person can claim rights and privileges in Nagaland as Nagas stand protected under the provisions of Article 371 (A) of the Constitution of India and the Inner Line Permit mechanism as per the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 which has been reaffirmed as Clause 16 of the 16 Point Agreement.
It noted that Article 371 (A) ensures that citizens of India who are not indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland cannot acquire property or settle down in Nagaland. Thus any person who acquires Indian citizenship through the amended Citizenship Amendment Bill will be as ineligible for acquiring property or settling down in Nagaland as any other non-Nagas including Indian citizens are presently.
The meeting also resolved that the Nagaland Assembly should discuss and resolve to enforce ILP regulations all over the State including Dimapur district.
Meanwhile the meeting also expressed solidarity with the rest of the Northeastern States and neighbours, all of whom have expressed serious concerns on the CAB. Nagaland stands in solidarity with the rest of the region in order to safeguard the rights of the indigenous people of the region, it stated.
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