Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Naga Club’s 100 year celebration marred by controversies


Kohima, October 28: Amidst controversies surrounding the formation of Naga Club in 1918, the two contending parties one led by the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) and another by the revamped Naga Club, where most of the prominent members are from the Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC), are set to celebrate the 100 years of the Club.
The Naga Club will celebrate its centenary at Jotsoma near Kohima on October 30, where several prominent Naga leaders are expected to attend, while NSF will celebrate at Naga Solidarity Park, near State Secretariat on October 31.
The factions in celebration of 100 years of Naga Club, have invited widespread criticisms and some have even decided to abstain from the celebrations. Both the groups have their own explanation about the formation of the Club, but some see a larger political game inside.
Also it has been made to understand that Naga Club was not formed by the members of the Naga Labour Corps, but by few Nagas based at Kohima, mostly Angamis
The NSF is celebrating the day on the theme, “Celebrating the legacy”, looking back at the wisdom of the ancestors, who handed down the foundation of freedom and nationhood through their expressed declaration to the world that, “We should not be thrust to the mercy of people who could never subjugate us; but leave us alone to determine for ourselves as in ancient times”.
“And it is in the light of this legacy that the Naga Students’ Federation will be celebrating this glorious occasion to honour and to salute them as today’s generation of Nagas who stands at the threshold of the future our ancestors had envisioned for us,” the organising committee of the celebration said.
People from across Naga inhabited areas and Tapan Bose, former Secretary General South Asia Program for Human Rights, are also expected to attend at Naga Solidarity Park.
At RCEMPA, Jotsoma, apart from prominent Naga leaders, messages would also be delivered by representatives from some Nagaland based tribal hohos and organisations. The celebration will also adopt a resolution.
The only significance of the Naga Club was submitting a memorandum to Simon Commission to leave Nagas alone in 1929, when they leave India-the first political letter written by the Nagas. The memorandum was submitted to the British Salutatory Commission on January 10, 1029. (Naga Club Memorandum HERE)
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