Naga Club, NSF involved in public spat

Naga Club, NSF involved  in public spat

Kohima, November 14: The centenary celebration of the revered Naga Club formed in 1918 is turning into a major embarrassment for all Nagas with both the Naga Club and the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), the two bodies who had organized separate centenary celebration programme earlier this year, now openly involved in public confrontation.
In a shocking incident Wednesday evening, the Naga Club and the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) were witnessed engaging in heated verbal confrontation near the Naga Club building adjacent to Head Post Office here making a public spectacle of their respective organizations.
The confrontation ensued after the Naga Club which is gearing up to celebrate the centenary at local ground here reportedly took up site levelling for erection of centenary monolith on a portion of the proclaimed land of Naga Club building adjacent to the Head Post Office here.
The Naga Club building presently houses the NSF office, commercial establishments and also the family of the caretaker of Naga Club.
As the volunteers deputed by Naga Club initiated the work with JCB and tiller-truck, officials of NSF along with the leaders of federating units arrived at the spot disallowing the progress of the work. However, those engaged in the work wanted to complete at least the site levelling. With both sides remaining adamant verbal confrontation started while volunteers of both sides increased.
Fortunately with the intervention of the district administration and police, along with SDO and SP, the situation was brought to cease for the night, with assurance from the groups to hold further deliberations on Thursday. (Page News Service)