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Naga Club building: NSF launches sit-in-protest; SIT arrests two more culprits

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KOHIMA, MAY 29: Even as the SIT investigating the May 27 Naga Club building destruction case has arrested 3 persons, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) today started a peaceful sit-in-protest against the delay in arresting all the culprits involved in the demolition.
The NSF, supported by its federating units, subordinate bodies as well as civil societies, its former leaders and Naga Mothers’ Association sat outside its demolished office holding placards and banners some of which read “Attacking Naga Club building is an act of anti-Naga”, “Vandalising at night is an act of terrorism”, “Stop genocide act against the students’ community”, “Attacking students’ community office with dao is an intention to take the lives of students”, “Dismantling common property is an evil act”, etc.
Expressing solidarity with the NSF, Naga People’s Front secretary general & MLA, Achumbemo Kikon, who is also the former president of NSF, said the Federation has never attempted to twist or change the nomenclature of the building from Naga Club but as a proud inheritor of the Naga Club ideologies and aspirations as well as the representation of the Naga Club to the British Simon Commission in 1929 it has never failed even a single day to uphold the Naga political aspiration.
“The Naga Club building is cherished by all the Nagas because the Naga Club ever since its formation in 1918 have set the foundation strong for Naga movement by submitting the first memorandum to Simon Commission in 1929 concluding that Nagas should be left alone as a nation.
“They were right that Nagas were never subjugated and an independent nation. They have done their part from formation till the declaration of Naga Independence in 1947”, he said.
Saying that it is very unbecoming on the part of the perpetrators to demolish the Naga Club building, he wondered as to how those claiming (incumbent officials of Naga Club) to have more concern for the Naga political struggle would destroy, demolish and vandalize a building having the importance of Naga Heritage.
Questioning the ability of the Police of not arresting the culprits after the lapse of 2-days of the incident, Kikon demanded immediate arrest and that the culprits be dealt firmly according to the law of the land.
The NSF, which was formed in 1947, have thereon been guarding and supporting the Naga political aspiration, he said.
Even if there are issues there are ways to settle the problem but not in this manner just because one is angry, he said.
Kikon also encouraged the NSF to keep fighting for the rights and ensure that justice is done according to the law of the land.
NSF president Kegwayhun Tep said the perpetrators had not only demolished the building but had the intention of killing the NSF officials as they had used daos and other materials to damage the office.
NSF does not claim the Naga Club building but it is here to protect the Heritage of the Naga people as a custodian of the building and thereby protect the identity of Naga people and also take forward the common aspiration.
If justice is not delivered to the students community they would intensify the movement, he said.
Meanwhile, sources said the SIT has so far arrested 3 persons and also seized the JCB and a Maruti Gypsy used to destroy the NSF office on Saturday.
The JCB driver was arrested yesterday while the 2 more were arrested today, sources said.
NSF seniors consultative meeting
Meanwhile, affirming to continue the sit-in-protest tomorrow also, NSF has informed all its seniors to attend a Seniors’ Consultative Meeting to be held at APO Conference Hall, Kohima, on May 30 at 11 a.m. NSF general secretary Siipuni Ng. Philo has requested all NSF seniors to attend the same and present their thoughts in the interest of the Federation in particular and for the welfare of the Naga people at large.
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