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Naga Club building destruction: Black flags demand early arrest of culprits

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KOHIMA, JUNE 2: Irked at the delay in the arrest of culprits behind the destruction of Naga Club building, the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) today hoisted black flag.
With its office housed at the Naga Club building destroyed on May 27, the NSF hoisted the black flag in its makeshift office at Kohima and put up banner explaining the reason for the protest against the vandalism of the NSF Oking, Naga Club building, which is a heritage site for all Nagas by “the unmandated and unrecognized Naga Club members”.
They also demanded that the culprits should be booked at the earliest while justice should be delivered without any further delay.
“This is to democratically express our resentment against the inaction of the authorities concerned despite the perpetrators publicly claiming responsibility for the crime”, NSF said.
Meanwhile, the NSF media cell said that in compliance to its decision, there has been overwhelming response from the federating units and subordinate bodies of the Federation.
Even the college students’ unions also hoisted black flag and also displayed placards demanding justice.
The Zeliangrong Students’ Union Assam, (ZSU-A) expressed distress to know about the destruction of the NSF Office at Kohima.
Strongly condemning the act, ZSU-A chairman Kiliahungbe Nriame and secretary Mireitaung Nriame said such activities will not be tolerated.
Those miscreants involved in vandalizing the NSF Office should be punished as per law, they said while also appealing to the Government of Nagaland to look into the matter seriously to bring satisfactory justice.
ZSU-A also extended strong support and solidarity to the NSF.
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