Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Naga BJP leader slams NDPP over CAB


Praises NPF’s firm stand against Bill

Dimapur, February 11: A BJP national leader from Nagaland has lashed out at the NDPP for letting the lone NDPP Lok Sabha MP to vote in favour of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 on January 8 when it was passed in the Lok Sabha.
In a statement, national secretary, STM BJP, Hayithung Bill Lotha said even as the entire Northeast is undergoing a tumultuous upheaval in connection with the CAB, the Nagaland Government led by NDPP has shamefaced the Nagas.
Accusing Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio of “nefariously harming the interest of the Nagas birth-right to self rule by supporting the CAB”, he expressed surprise that Rio and his State Cabinet have claimed the CAB will not be applicable to Nagaland as the State is protected under Article 371 A and the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act 1873 (ILP).
“Rio supporting CAB will destroy and annihilate the Nagas forever, because the logic and political long term implications is based on making a Hindu Hindustan a reality, which is one of the core RSS agenda,” he claimed.
The BJP leader said once the CAB is passed, Hindus from Bangladesh will flood the Northeast and Nagaland will be no exception. He said once these immigrants become citizens, every provision in the Indian Constitution becomes applicable and they will gain rights including political voting and election rights.
“Gradually we will become ‘slaves, bondservant and third-rate citizens’ in our own ancestral lands,” he said.
“Don’t be shocked after passing of the CAB Bill, Nagaland will have a Bangladeshi Hindu as the Chief Minister sooner than everyone imagines.”
Lauding the NPF led by opposition leader and former Chief Minister, T R Zeliang for giving a firm and irrevocable statement against the CAB, Hayithung cited Zeliang, who had categorically stated that Dimapur is not under the ambit of ILP regulations and undocumented immigrants, especially IBs have flooded the district which is known to all.
Zeliang had also mentioned that Nagas cannot wholly rely on BEFR 1873 or ILP regulations and to say that ILP safeguards the people from Citizenship Amendment Bill is ‘unreasonable’.
The BJP national secretary said that T R Zeliang has exhibited a ‘great political understanding and took rock solid stance against the CAB’ from day one like a true statesman and people’s leader and Nagas will be grateful to him and NPF forever. He said the 26 NPF MLAs under the strong and solid leadership of Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu, NPF President have indeed done a “commendable, sterling and creditable job” for the sake and future of the Nagas.
He also asked the NDPP not to tell lies, mislead, cheat and fool the Nagas because CAB is a matter of life and death.
“Neiphiu Rio’s tepid alibi in Article 371A in justifying his party support is one of the ‘great catastrophe and cataclysm’ and also the ‘biggest betrayal by government to its people’ in the annals of history,” he stated.
Hayithung also termed the January 31 consultative meeting in Dimapur as “wheedling and inveiglement” for the NDPP to garner Naga public’s sympathy. (Page News Service)